Posted By: Candyce - Adventure Living Nude Travel - 12/24/11 12:54 AM
According to devotees, nude travelers get rid of their psychological baggage about their bodies when they take their clothes off.

See my column on nude travel in Adventure living.

What do you think? Would you try it? Have you gone on a clothing-optional vacation? If so, what was your experience?

Adventure Living editor
Posted By: iTourNepal Re: Nude Travel - 04/22/18 07:23 AM
The practice of Naga Sadhu (naked ascetics) is over thousands of years in Indian sub-Continent. This is one practice to attain enlightenment. A person following the path should be able to control his lust, sexual feelings and erotic libido. The renounce material world and practice self control. Once they have been successful in self control, they perform their own last rite to detach with material world and roam around.
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