Dealing with a life crisis such as miscarriage, infertility or a failed adoption can be a very difficult time in your life. This article discusses ways to resolve your grief and find inner peace.

Do you have any other techniques for dealing with difficult times? Please feel free to share them here!

Finding Your Inner Peace During Times of Crisis
Oh Deanna, what an excellent article!

We really, really do have what it takes to rise above the ashes. And it's amazing that once we see how things happen within us, we don't have to be the victim anymore.

I had a horrible period of anxiety back in 06-07. I kept hoping something medical would work for me - it never did, I just got worse. I started spending more time outside. I found spending at least a half hour, outside in the sun, was really helpful - probably the physical activity was supportive too smile

Now I have a mini-trampoline - it's a very good friend wink
Thank you, Deanna! And thanks also for sharing a little about your experiences. We are all stronger than we realize, and once we really tune into ourselves, we can find out what works best.
That's for sure! We have a powerful creative force seeking to work through us! Tuning in to it can be challenging when we are having a really hard time - I feel lucky that somehow, when things are tough, I remember to look for that!
I agree strongly that we need to find a way to ground ourselves. Meditation, yoga, walks in nature, compassion for our community - there are many ways to do it. Each of us is a dust mote in the breeze. Life is so short, we need to find a way to treasure every day.
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