Posted By: Styxx Dessert for today? - 02/09/16 08:20 AM
Hello everyone!

Today I had a slice of Chicago Cheesecake. I wanted to buy a slice of red velvet cake but they weren't selling it at my coffee shop. Anyway, the Chicago Cheesecake was absolutely mouth-watering. In appearance it's very simple, yellow on the top and brown on the bottom but when I tasted my first bite, it was so delish that I'm planning to buy one again next week.

Did you have dessert today? Share below and let me know. laugh
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Posted By: Styxx Re: Dessert for today? - 02/14/16 08:23 AM
Dessert for the Day: Triple Decker Cheesecake

Verdict: 4.5/5

Comment/s: It has 4 layers. The base, the cheesecake layer, some kind of frosting and then the chocolate. It's so sweet that I almost heard my dentist calling for me. Delicious and sweet are the words I can think of when I was eating this earlier.


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Posted By: Styxx Re: Dessert for today? - 02/23/16 01:17 PM
-+-+-Rocky Road Cake-+-+-

The cake was not overly sweet which I loved. It wad my first time tasting it and it was delicious. Try it!


Posted By: Angela - Drama Movies Re: Dessert for today? - 02/23/16 10:41 PM
I would love to be eating cheesecake everyday smile , but I try to follow a low-carb diet. Today, I ate almonds covered in dark chocolate. They have some fiber and not too much sugar.
Posted By: Styxx Re: Dessert for today? - 03/18/16 01:06 PM
I wish I could go on a low-carb diet like you. However, I'm too much in love with food.

Almonds covered in chocolate? How divine! I'm going to try that someday. I do apologize for the late reply. Better late than never, right?

That oatmeal apple caramel dessert looks yummy!
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: Dessert for today? - 02/07/21 04:36 AM
I got myself another ice cream maker for my birthday (I gave my previous one to my son). We are testing out ice cream recipes!
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