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Priest - 01/03/10 06:40 AM

If priest could get marry I feel things would be better for them. what do you say?
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Re: Priest - 01/13/10 02:09 AM

Hi, Renee. It's hard to say - some I think would benefit but when you read some of the articles that priests write (especially this year they are being featured in the Catholic Newspapers because it is the Year of the Priest) they do not talk about loneliness or a desire for a wife and family. They do talk about being a servant of the Lord.

I do worry about the state of the priesthood as many men do not hear the call of the Lord and as a result there is a tremendous shortage.
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Re: Priest - 11/24/10 10:15 AM

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Re: Priest - 11/25/10 01:56 AM

Renee22, This is just my oppinion but what I think is that there are many married men and women that are truly inspired and gifted in a religious and spiritual realm and might just make a total difference in the course of a possibly dying church.
Posted By: Angie

Re: Priest - 11/25/10 02:17 AM

We have a deacon who is a wonderful addition to the spiritual life of our parish. There are two more studying to become deacons. Because of the interest in becoming deacons, the church is being sustained and growing. BTW, my parish is a relatively small mission parish.

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