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Book Suggestions - 05/03/18 02:27 AM

Today I was listening to an interview with a new author. The name of his book is An Immovable Feast: How I Gave Up Spirituality for a Life of Religious Abundance Hardcover by Tyler Blanski

It sounds very interesting.
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Re: Book Suggestions - 05/03/18 02:30 AM

Another book is One Beautiful Dream: The Rollicking Tale of Family Chaos, Personal Passions, and Saying Yes to Them Both by Jen Fulwiler.

I purchased this one and have read four chapters thus far. It sounds like my life many moons ago when my children were young. I can relate so far.
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Re: Book Suggestions - 09/03/18 04:46 PM

Fr. Josh Johnson has written a book "Broken + Blessed" - "..Fr. Josh Johnson wrote this book to show Catholics—especially millennial Catholics—how they can encounter the PERSON of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church." It is published by Ascension Press.

Ascension Press recently published a new Catholic Bible - it has features from Jeff Cavins' Adventure Bible Timeline and maps.
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Re: Book Suggestions - 11/16/18 01:50 AM

We finished our study of Mark. We may tackle Luke next. Another book of interest is The Real Story, Understanding the Big Picture of the Bible by Edward Sri and Curtis Martin.
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