Posted By: BellaDeb Who wants to work from home? - 02/20/08 05:00 PM
Anyone here who'd like to work from home, be self-employed or start their own small business?

Share your dreams & ideas or ask for help. I'm curious about what kind of information would be helpful to beginning business owners. What do you need help with--business ideas, organization, marketing, accounting, getting started, etc.?

Posted By: SheriAnnRicherson Re: Who wants to work from home? - 02/20/08 05:03 PM
I am working from home. I take calls for several companies in addition to being a freelance writer. I would love to see more information on legitiment work at home opportunities.

Posted By: BellaDeb Re: Who wants to work from home? - 02/20/08 06:01 PM
Great, Sheri! Thank you!

What kinds of opportunities--what kinds of work are you interested in? Let's narrow it down--what do you enjoy doing?
Posted By: BellaDeb Re: Who wants to work from home? - 02/22/08 12:27 AM
Here is a collection of articles on Working from Home.

and, here's a collection of profiles of Business Ideas.
My ultimate goal is to work from home. I want to find paying freelance writing opportunities, and I'm in the midst of researching other possibilities. I've thought about starting a writing and editing service. I feel like I need to get more organized before I try to start anything, and I think my fear has gotten in the way of my dream! I know I can write and edit, but to have to be the sales person, the accountant, wear this hat and every hat... well, I tend to procrastinate in really getting started.
Posted By: BellaDeb Re: Who wants to work from home? - 02/24/08 09:02 PM
Melissa, it can be overwhelming to think about everything all at once. So, don't do that! laugh

I started my business by working on it part-time for about half a year while I was still employed. That way, I had a business name, mission & website all ready to go.

This article: Take Baby Steps to Owning your Own Business has some tips on easing into it. The links at the bottom to business action planning articles are definitely a great way to plan out the various steps you'll need to take. There's even a link to my planning form -- I've used it for years in several different businesses.

And, finally, you might find a useful tip or two in my Freelance Writing article.

As to fear, ignore it. Truly, pretend it's a screaming toddler, step over it and go on about doing your stuff. Fear is supposed to protect us from harm, not keep us from our dreams. Sometimes, fear gets bored & tries to infringe on other territories. There are no vicious tigers who will eat you if you pursue your dreams. There is one who will eat you up if you do not--it's called regret!

Good Luck! By the way, you are in great company-there are so many good writers here who can help you along the way!

Posted By: BoomerGal Re: Who wants to work from home? - 02/24/08 09:06 PM
I'm working outside the home right now, part time, but would love to find a way to make that same money working at home. I would be willing to work at it part time, plus my other job, just to get it going.

Thanks for all the great articles and tips! I've been reading several law of attraction books lately which say to try to first discover what you are passionate about. I know those of you who write are probably passionate about that so that gives you a good start.

I feel like I'm kind of scattered and lacking focus, which I know is key in starting a business of your own. What do you suggest to help you find a general direction to start going?
Posted By: BellaDeb Re: Who wants to work from home? - 03/01/08 10:28 PM
Read my latest article, Green1, which is on Using your Talents to Start a Business and no, I don't mean singing! LOL--unless that's your thing. But, ordinary people have talents, too, and you can start a business based on almost anything.

What do you like to do? What would you do if money were not an issue?

I have many and varied interests, myself and often just picking something to focus on to make money at helps quite a bit.
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Who wants to work from home? - 02/21/18 12:28 AM
I would like to own a business but I would not want it to be in my home (this has nothing to do with me living with 2 monsters - i do not want my personal life mixed with my professional life).
I also agree with you Nancy, I do not want to mix my professional life with my personal life.But I want to do part time job along with my present teaching position.
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