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FAQ and Other Info - 04/14/09 04:01 AM

Here are some quick links to answer common questions.

Best Books for Flash and ActionScript

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Re: FAQ and Other Info - 08/09/13 07:29 AM

Thanks for sharing my brother is an animation student. He is keen to work in Hollywood- VFX field. Can you give some tips.
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Re: FAQ and Other Info - 08/09/13 11:43 PM

Hi D Rose,

Well, he will need to realize that the competition is great and international ie there is a lot of outsourcing because it’s cheaper for the companies. If he can get an internship while in collage, that might give him a foot in the door and experience. If he has the time and money, getting a double major would help; one in VFX and one in something solid like IT, science, engineering or math. While he is waiting for that VFX job, his other major will pay the bills and provide job benefits. Most of all he should be realistic and not believe that he will walk right into a VFX job right out of collage. He might need to relocate for each VFX job. Have him do a google search for “VFX industry”.

Here are some links that might help.

Journey into the field of animation and VFX filmmaking

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Career in Visual Effects

Hope this helps,
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Re: FAQ and Other Info - 08/11/13 11:24 PM

Thank you so much Diane for your reply and useful links. I passed your words to my brother but you know he seems to be little confused- you know, his course contain animation section also, some days back he told me about his interest in VFX and now saying animation. I think he is very confused about his career plans. Now only eight months are left in his course and he is confused on his stream. Please tell me what should I ask him to go for. He should now go for internship or should go only after completion of course?
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Animation is one type of VFX. So he probably is using the terms interchangeably.

An internship can be helpful but not necessary for getting a "real" job. It will give him experience and looks good on his resume.

Tell him to ask his professor teaching the course if there are any internships that he might apply for now or after he graduates from the course. The professor is his best source for that info.

Hope this helps,

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Re: FAQ and Other Info - 08/12/13 11:41 PM

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