Posted By: mary-tea1 Tea Gift - 01/05/22 09:37 PM

Dear friends and Tea Enthusiasts,
I just thought this was too adorable! I do not know this person, nor do I receive any compensation for this post. It's a Tea Shirt from a creative at the Etsy market. If you highlight you can click on it look down for the embroidered tea shirt with tea bag by right-hand pocket. I thought that this was extremely clever and I thought it would make a great gift for someone.

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor
Posted By: Angie Re: Tea Gift - 01/06/22 03:01 PM
It is cute
Posted By: mary-tea1 Re: Tea Gift - 02/01/22 02:11 AM
Dear Angie,

Thank you so much for correcting that post of mine. The day I posted it, it would not go through correctly! LOL. :) Just thought it was clever and cute. *I have no ties to that person and I DO NOT make any affiliate money off of that post.
Thanks again.

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor
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