I am 23-years-old and sadly, I have never had a "job" in the traditional sense of the word. I've searched for jobs and it seems that all employers want people with work experience. How am I supposed to gain experience if I can't find a job? I'm starting to panic!
Heather, I'm speaking here as a recruiter, and I always recommend this to my juniors and moms returning to work. The best way to get some experience is to work as a volunteer in your chosen field. Most charities are always crying out for people to assist, and are happy to provide references for you. You will find that charities are after people in all areas - from helping in stores, to doing office work, event organisation and fund raising.

I hope that this helpw
So, volunteering at BellaOnline could boast my career in journalism some day?
I am no expert Heather, but Yes I think it most certainly would.

Best tho is to belive in yourself. What are you good at? you may not think it is much, but to someone who can't do those skills it could be a lifesaver!
I started out, after the school runs as going back to school to get an Education (Idid not have anything at all) Then I cleaned my friends houses.
I know if you have children and even if you don't, offering to help in school is also good experiance and you can be offered a legitimate job, because of the volentary work you have put in. Charity shops are good for this too. Then they pay for you to train too, sometimes. I know schools definatly do, cos thats what I do now!
You are amazing. There is only one Heather in the whole world! AND your an editor of Chinese Culture in a mag read by 2 million! thats awesome! smile
I agree! Nearly everyone has experience of school cos nearly everyone has been there!

Then, you can write about your new experiences to make some extra dollars too!
If you're starting out and don't have relevant work experience, it can be tough to convince an employer to hire you, but there are ways that you can build up your skills and experience and demonstrate that you're a good choice for the job. And you may discover you have the skills employers desire!

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Another way to show what you know is to use what's called a "functional" resume, rather than the traditional chronological one. The functional resume uses full sentences to explain your marketable skills, and each skill's "proof" can be pulled from multiple jobs.
Hi Heather J. Hasan, This is always a matter of concern when age strikes and sometimes we go on to choose something that is not right for us. For a better career, I think experience is needed but experience comes only when we start doing a job. I think you should consult some recruitment agencies as they have good communications with the companies and they are in touch with the current openings. For more information , you can have a look atBellaOnline ALERT: Raw URLs are not allowed in these forums for security reasons. Please use UBB code. If you don't know how to do UBB code just post here for help - we will help out!
Hi Heather,

There is a lot of rich advice in all the above posts. I'm sure you have more experience than you give yourself credit for.

After reading through the "overview" on becoming a BellaOnline Editor (and you are an Editor), why not take advantage of some of the possibilities, such as:

* Build a resume from which to write your own book or be published in magazines or newspapers.
* Cross-sell and promote commercial work.
* Gain experience and free training on how to be successful on the web.

Lots of money can be made on the Web these days with hosting your own website, Affiliate Marketing, and many more. You just need to find your niche.

Good luck!
Yes, I agree, that's very good advice.

In fact, it's excactly what I'm doing! If you are in the lucky position of not having to rush, you may have the time to teach yourself with an online course - that way you can create a job for yourself with starting an online business.

I can honestly recommend the affiliate marketing business course I'm on.
That was my problem when I first started to look for a job when I was seventeen years old. That made me so furious! Except for becoming an Avon seller (just 1 campaign then i quit) and door to door getting appointments for a woman taking pictures in a studio (did that only for a few hours) I could not get anything until dad started his company and gave me a job.
Definitely volunteering is a wonderful way to help your community and to build resume experience at the same time. It also builds up your list of references you can use.
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