How Do you Put On Your Bra?

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How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 02/05/09 03:29 AM

Bras, bras, bras. They way we put them on is almost as different as the styles available.
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 02/05/09 09:33 PM

I'm curious as to what brands work best for everyone. Some just don't seem to provide enough support.
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 02/05/09 10:09 PM

I have had so much trouble finding the bra that fulfils all my needs, I'm at the point of not wearing the garment. In fact, my chiropractor has told me not to. I wear a 38 or 40 DD, so I don't think going without is an option. But I have a damaged disc in the same spot that a too tight bra pinches a nerve. Wearing a too large bra leads to all the other problems we know about. I don't know how to get support without a tight fit around, so I'm also curious about the styles that work the best.
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 02/05/09 10:16 PM

have you considered a long bra? They provide support but use a longer body to help so it doesn't pinch.
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 02/05/09 10:27 PM

It's one of those time when I have to say "Why didn't I think of that?" I'll give it a try. My back and I thank you.
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 02/05/09 10:32 PM

I hear you, GrannyH! Going without is not an option, but I dearly wish it was. I wear 38 H. But at this point in my life (age 55) I've given up the under wires. So my "girls" don't point up to the sun anymore, oh well. I'd like to know who decided they were supposed to in the first place?

The best time of my day is when I get to take the darn thing off. How do I spell relief? NO BRA!
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 02/05/09 11:10 PM

I hate bras, Haven't found one in many years that is comfortable frown Or just fits every where just right
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 02/06/09 06:02 PM

I am 60 now, and don't require that the girls stand at attention; I just want to keep them out of my waist band. I just got back from the chiropractor - the issue has not changed. I've got to try that other bra or go without.

To return to the original topic. I must hook in the front then twist the bra around cause I can't reach around without hurting myself.
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 02/06/09 06:50 PM


Dyyyyyyiiiiinngg laughing right now.

I have been wanting a boob job for a few years now. I don't want implants, just to raise them back up - but I always think of the song from "lil' Abner"

"put 'em back - the way they was, oh put 'em back the way they was...."
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 02/06/09 08:10 PM

Hello I have a few clients that feel the same way as you. I suggest you get professional bra fitting from a certified bra fitter. My suggestion would be to go to Nordstrom or Dillards to be properly fitted by someone that is certified and educated. From personal experience and experience through my clients, a proper fitting bra is ESSENTIAL! ..if these stores do not have your correct size, try a few places online like. and I hope this helps and good luck. Nikki Curry- Plus Size Coach Image Consultant
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 02/06/09 08:22 PM

I think the majority of women do not fit themselves properly and maybe that is why there is a problem with support etc. Makes a huge dif if you are wearing correct bra and size. (MHO)
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 02/06/09 09:21 PM

I think bras are one of the biggest bones of contention for plus size women. There is no one item that works for everyone. Let's face it no two look alike, not even on the same body! I don't think there will ever be a perfect bra to satisfy <i>every</i> woman's needs which is why it involves so many tries to find the one (or two or three) that's right for us.

I have a number of online shops for bras listed in the Large and Lovely site that goes with this forum.
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 02/06/09 09:27 PM

Oh, I forgot to answer - I do the contortion thingy with my arms - I just consider it part of my stretching routine in the morning! smile

I love the bras at Victoria's Secret - although they no longer carry the one that I really liked (it covered the wire on both sides.

But they have some very comfortable bras.
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 02/09/09 09:02 PM

I have switched, over the years, to bras that fasten in front. I wear a 44 G so finding ANY bra in my size is an issue - now complicate that by choosing only front fasteners... I have always managed to find the elusive bra, however. If I find one that works well, I will buy several. With breasts like mine, I'd need some sort of wheeled device under them to keep them pointed at the sky... I have made concessions to age (and nature) and accepted the fact that perky boobs are a thing of the past. Luckily, my partner is of a like mind so there is no real pressure to obtain the impossible.
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 08/15/09 08:22 PM

Hi, I go braless. I have all my life. When I was 12 my mother took me to be fitted for a bra. We came home with three. Much excited I put the first one on. It lasted a very short time and then it came off -- none of them were worn again. That was 41 years ago. I've owned very few bras in that time. I bought a few -- from bra departments in reputable stores with a 'fitter' and yes, have found the bra to be comfortable 'for about an hour' then it's a battle to take my focus off how uncomfortable I am wearing the darn thing until I can get home. My answer -- and it precludes perky breasts pointing to the sun -- is to wear close fitting singlets. I'm in Australia and that's what we call that part of our underwear. If you don't call them that in the U.S you could do a search but I'm pretty sure they equate with your 'tank' tops. Although they are underwear. I weawr both the sort that are meant to be underwear and the sort meant to be outwear. I wear them under everything. At 53, I must admit I don't want my nipples on high beam to the world and I don't want them jiggling around too much so a close fitting singlet works in this regard. I have the three basic colours. Black, white, and skin toned and they work for me. I'm 53 and my breast are naturally going to sag. But they sagged way before this. I breastfed three children and that did the trick for sagging when I was very young. I think bras are a bit like 'whalebone corsets' only not as bad, obviously. We are being sold the idea that our breasts should be a certain height and not move around just like woman used to be sold the view that their waists should be a dainty little circumfurence and their breasts should protude forth like the bow of a big ship. I am aware that some big women feel more comfortable in bras and I'm sure they do. But for this woman a singlet makes me feel modest enough and comfortable at the same time. Let's face it. Eveyone knows, short of having very small breasts and being lucky, or surgery, that breasts go south with age. In my case wearing a bra is a bit like real life air brushing. I'm just kidding everyone and feeling very uncomfortable physcially while I'm doing it. I have one arrangement though to appease my 32 year old daughter. I will wear bras to my children's weddings. Don't ask me why this is so important to her but I don't argue over this small point. So far only one has been married and I'm hoping by the time the next one does, she will have gotten over this rather strange request. I have a feeling bras, fitted professionally or not, are only comfortable for about an hour after you put them on. That's how they get to sell them. A nice singlet or pretty coloured fitting stretch cotton camisole is such a much nicer alternative in my opinion -- so much more comfortable. As you can tell, bras and I never did do well together. LOL.
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 10/21/09 06:14 AM

I am haven't problem putting a bra on and hooking it back, Really no problems for me yet. I didn't have any problems when I was pregnant with my son either. But, I do agree that a bra that hooks in the front would be much nicer!
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 11/17/09 03:44 AM

My mother wraps hers around her back and clasps it, then slides back into place. I tried this, but it hurts my skin. So I go for the contorted arms, reaching around the back to do up the clasp. I used to wear Playtex over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders. Now I wear a padded underwire. They feel fine and have a nicer shape (until they wear out and poke ya). I wear a 38D.
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 11/29/09 07:39 AM

I don't wear bras unless I'm going out but I have to admit that wearing a properly fitting bra is vital. You should get your bra re-fitted at least every year. I only find mine are uncomfortable in two circumstances: in the middle of a Queensland summer when it's 36 celicus and 90% humidity (basically then, you just want to be nekkid in cold water!) or when the bra gets old and/or stops fitting.

I take a 24E size (Australian - not sure what that is in US terms) but I love the US Fairform bras - the one I wear is Charlotte. Funnily enough, the "smooth" Charlotte was dreadful and provided no support, but the other one - the lace one - is terrific.

My pet peeve with bras is when manufacturers just make the bra bigger, without realising that larger breasts mean they are heavier and so need more support - let's face it, a skinny piece of elastic ain't gonna hold up these E cup bazoongas!
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 11/29/09 04:29 PM

Before i put on mine i do it up, then slip it over my head, it 'works' for me everytime lol :-)
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 08/04/10 08:25 AM

[quote=skyhaven]I hate bras, Haven't found one in many years that is comfortable :( Or just fits every where just right [/quote] i also don't like bras. they make me feel uncomfortable! sometimes with new bras that are not so fit me, i have to hold my breath. very painful....
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 08/04/10 05:13 PM

Nini, sounds like you're wearing the wrong size. You should go for a bra fitting at one of your local lingerie shops to make sure.
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 09/23/10 11:08 PM

I'm a 42DD and very droopy. My bras give me *all* my support. I have been wearing underwires since I was 10 years old. I have suffered tremendously with shoulder, neck and back pain for, like, ever. THEN, I found these lovely silicone shoulder strap pads at Dillard's (Dept Store). These things have saved my life! I can actually buy bras at Target and wear them now. They were only $12 and have saved me a ton in expensive bras. When I have a moment I can't locate them, I have a mild panic attack. I need to buy more... To answer the original question: latch bra around waist and pull up in place, swimsuit style. Ciao!
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 10/23/10 05:20 AM

I think I do it catluvgal's way. I connect the band without worrying about the arms at all, across my stomach I suppose. Then I slide my arms in and pull it up.

I think it's a shame we have to worry about how a natural part of us looks over time. We don't dream back to when we were 3 years old and want our breasts to look like they were then. Why do we choose age 18-20 and want our breasts to look like that? Why not celebrate that they looked one way at 3, one way at 13, another at 23, another at 33 and all of these are great?
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 10/23/10 07:20 PM

So true Lisa. That's one of the reasons I love the Beautiful Women Project. It showcases chest casts of women age 19 to 90 (3 would probably be illegal).
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 12/05/16 12:21 AM

Hi just joined Bellaonline as found a post on hormones and Fibromyalgia which i have.
But being a guy that also has a Prolatinoma(pit tumour)had very high Prolactin levels along with E then got put on T which caused mayhem as mine grew so im now a 42G/44F UK!
So have/need to wqear every day or they become tender which causes issues.
Was reading on here about putting on a bra mine is hold round back and hook together then put arms in straps and im pretty fussy about what i wear and sizing plus helped many others with what ive learnt about it all yes even other woman i know.
But if can put over your head your wearing either a worn out bra or the wrong size!
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 12/22/16 12:02 PM

I hook it in front and pull it around, then put my arms through.

DDtop, I don't understand why you said, "But if can put over your head your wearing either a worn out bra or the wrong size!" If you pull it over your head and put one arm through the band at a time, it isn't any more space than having it around your chest. Maybe it depends on how you pull it over. I have been known to do a pull over!
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 12/26/16 01:58 PM

Hi further back others was saying how they put there bra on and was said they pull it over there head like that which would ruin a decent bra or it's too big/worn out all ready to be able to do that.

Far better to hold rear of band round then hook one eye then do others then get an arm in one at a time.
hold eye side between thumb&fore finger and similar on other side bottom edge to start is easiest then get rest of eyes.

Hope that helps plus stretch your shoulders before starting as we tighten up so they like many other parts need a stretch keeps more movement in the joints
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 06/02/18 08:04 PM

No bras! Haha
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Re: How Do you Put On Your Bra? - 03/21/19 08:48 AM

[quote=jodirose]No bras! Haha[/quote]

No bras indeed :)
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