Posted By: Julie - Computer Careers Why learn Arabic? - 06/14/07 02:13 AM
My latest article discusses some of my reasons for studying Arabic.

Why Study Arabic?

What are some of your reasons why you are or would like to study Arabic or any other language?

Posted By: babak Re: Why learn Arabic? - 06/14/07 10:47 AM
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Charlemagne said "To have another language is to possess a second soul." Learning another language helps you to be able to think in different ways and better understand the culture and thought of speakers of that language,

Nicely said. Yeah you reasons are rational.
Where I am, there are a lot of Arab. My father can speak Arabic fluently and my wife can understand and speak a bit according to her job but I'm so weak in this language, as we say "I'm completely Arab in Arabic language"! lol
I have to learn Arabic anyway I think.
Posted By: babak Re: Why learn Arabic? - 06/24/07 05:29 AM
what it mean?!!
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Posted By: Julie - Computer Careers Re: Why learn Arabic? - 06/25/07 12:54 AM
Originally Posted By: babak
what it mean?!!

What does what mean? - Julie
Posted By: babak Re: Why learn Arabic? - 06/30/07 07:35 AM
it was a mistake, I don't know how that happened!
my post disapeard and when I check from "my posts" it was there. pardon it was just a mistake nothing else.
Posted By: Julie - Computer Careers Re: Why learn Arabic? - 07/01/07 01:39 AM
Oh good, I thought maybe I was missing something! Glad we didn't lose your comment!
Posted By: kibrisli7 Re: Why learn Arabic? - 07/08/07 08:48 PM
Hi Julie, I'm happy you have chosen to learn Arabic.

I have started taking tuition since November too.
Of all the languages I have tried to learn, Arabic is very unique and expressive.

You may not be a Muslim, but a lot of people appreciate the beauty of Arabic when reading the Quran.

What method of learning are you using?
Do you have a teacher?

I am studying using the University of Madinah Arabic course. It has been challenging but not as difficult as Id expect.
Posted By: Julie - Computer Careers Re: Why learn Arabic? - 07/09/07 02:03 AM
I'm studying online through Arab Academy and then supplimenting it with various books because I do better when I hear things explained a couple of different ways. Arab Academy is wonderful, particularly for learning the alphabet and sounds. I really like Rosetta Stone too, but I can't really afford both. The biggest problem I have is that everything I'm doing is self-paced, so it's really easy to let it slide when I'm otherwise busy!

Posted By: kibrisli7 Re: Why learn Arabic? - 07/10/07 10:16 PM
I tried the Rosseta stone CDs...
Not a good way to start for me.

I look back at it now and I find it easier now that I have progressed in the madinah arabic courses which mainly just teach grammer.

Check it out its free.
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