Posted By: FrenchCultureMelissa We All Belong to the Same Tribe - 04/26/09 05:38 PM
Being introduced to cultures, hearing different languages, acknowledging their values, looking into their eyes will change your outlook. To me the world seems a little smaller and my woes trivial in comparison after viewing the exhibition 6 Milliard d'Autres. Read about it here and visit the site to view an abbreviated version of Yann Arthur-Bertrand's social experiment.

Is there a specific experience that has shaped the way you view the world and its people as a whole? Share what it is you do that gives meaning to your life.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: We All Belong to the Same Tribe - 05/10/09 10:41 AM
I am of Germanic origin but have done some study of the French culture. The center of much ancient spiritual, druidic and celtic ideology and people stem from France. The cathedral of Chartres is built over an ancient druidic healing well. Some of the finest composers such as Marcell Durufle and Dupre as well as incredible keyboard virtuosi such as Marie Clair Alain and Madame Marie Madaline Durufle originated in France. The arts in all forms were inspired by the spirituality of ancient as well as modern France. It is a magical country.
Posted By: Angie Re: We All Belong to the Same Tribe - 08/07/09 02:09 AM
I'm reading a book right now that talks about many philosophers and scientists and they are from France.

Posted By: Psel Re: We All Belong to the Same Tribe - 07/30/10 05:58 AM
What most people miss about France is how people there are so fashionable and so into custom polo shirts . I don't see any group people as passionate.
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