The first one to answer ONE trivia question correctly will win the prize. This contest is open to anyone living in the US or UK who is aged 18 or older. Only posts that are unedited will be accepted as answers. Prize will be shipped to the winner at no cost to the winner. The prize will be The French Don't Diet Plan which is worth $24.00. For complete rules, please visitBellaOnline ALERT: Raw URLs are not allowed in these forums for security reasons. Please use UBB code. If you don't know how to do UBB code just post here for help - we will help out!
Posted By: Anonymous Re: CONTEST - Win The French Don't Diet Plan - 11/02/07 10:51 PM
Um, Paris!!

You've just won The French Don't Diet Plan which is worth $24.00. Please PM(Privite Message me) With your mailing info.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: CONTEST - Win The French Don't Diet Plan - 11/03/07 10:36 PM
Yeah. That's soooo not going to happen.
This is Lisa Shea, the owner of The forum sweepstakes we run on the forum site are all moderated and operated by us. If you enter to win one, how can we get the prize to you unless you tell us where to send it?

If you are saying you wish to pass on the prize, then we will ask another question so that someone else can win it ... but I'm confused, then, why you answered it?
Posted By: Anonymous Re: CONTEST - Win The French Don't Diet Plan - 11/05/07 11:56 PM
I answered the question because I did want the prize.

However, any moderator on this site should not be a newbie who just opened an account a few days ago. Once I realized that the person who posted this initial post had registered 10/30/2007 and is a newbie, I was very skeptical of this being an actual giveaway. I thought it was spam. Plus, the question was so insanely easy, I was a bit skeptical that it was real anyway...

I also thought that I entered my address information when I registered for the site. I figured that anyone who was legitimately running an authorized contest would be able to access this information. Since I can't find it now, I guess I was mistaken on this.

Thank you for taking the time to reply to this. I'm glad to learn that it is a real contest. I think you can understand my initial security concerns though.

I will send my address and claim my prize. Thanks for your, and whoever else deals with these contests, patience.
Ah but the Sweepstakes account isn't a moderator smile That is a brand new account we created in order to get through the forum sweepstakes prize backlog that has accumulated. In fact we have two sweepstakes accounts we're using; one is plowing through the tshirts and posters, the other is plowing through the books and DVDs. You'll probably see both of them creating posts in the forum.

We're doing easy questions because the aim is to get the prizes given away for the holidays, not to torment people smile

Our forum doesn't ask for address information? When you register it simply asks for an email address and password - nothing else ...?

You can always feel free to use the site-wide contact form to contact me, any time you have a question about a legitimacy of a post. That way you know you're talking with the real owner and I can respond with the information you need.
You make a very good point, though. This main BellaOnline forum account I'm posting with here is rarely used for posting, so it has few post counts. It is mainly an administrator account. However, you can SEE that it's an administrator account with the little A flag.

We can set the other two sweepstakes accounts to also have that administrator flag, that way they are visually indicated as being authorized by the BellaOnline staff. I'll have that done now.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: CONTEST - Win The French Don't Diet Plan - 11/06/07 11:14 PM
Thanks for explaining all of that!!
Wow! Quite a dialogue going here. Cheers to Froggie for winning the prize, though I would have to agree, the question was a bit too easy!
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