Posted By: FrenchCultureMelissa French Team at the World Cup - 06/28/06 11:46 AM
[color:"blue"] How do you think les bleus will fare in this round of the semi-finals? <img src="/images/graemlins/fish.gif" alt="" /> They were able to dominate the ball for most of the match against Brazil. Will they have the same luck on Wednesday? When you cast your vote, substitute Team Portugal for Brazil![/color]
[color:"red"] Well, the boys held tough, both teams playing very defensively. Zedaine scored on a penalty kick to win, but not much action other than that. We're happy they've made it to the finals either way. CAST YOUR VOTE on the poll, this time substitite Italy for Brazil. How do you think les bleus will fare? Bon Chance! [/color] <img src="/images/graemlins/viking.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Alexandra Re: French Team at the World Cup - 06/28/06 01:20 PM
Very, very disappointed to see Thierry Henry behave the way he did... he may well have been elbowed, but it was nowhere near his face....Hithero unblemished record and reputation ever so slightly marred in my eyes....
Refereeing needs bringing into the 21st century tho'... the officials need to have immediate access to video playback, which will reveal the divers, pretenders and off-sides.....
Not enjoying the calibre of this World Cup at all, I'm afraid... cheating and game mis-management is spoiling the fun.
[color:"orange"]While the Les Bleus gave it their best playing against the rival Italian team, it wasn't until overtime that they let us down. Zedaine was single-handedly responsible for the victory of many matches and, the same can be said for the loss of the World Cup final. His juvenile behavior, though most certainly provoked by Materazzi, was inexcusable. At the moment he was red-carded and asked to make his last exit, he left the field with the morale of the entire French team. It was a choice he made, something he says he does not regret. I, however, regret that my memory of such a phenomenal player is marred by such a crude last gesture. Les Bleus will have to wait another four years for the chance to add a second golden star to their jersey. [/color]
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