Posted By: WinsomeMinotaur French repetition of names? - 05/17/12 11:55 PM
I'm reading a novel called Murder in Passy by Cara Black. When the characters talk to each other they use the name of the person they are addressing quite frequently (every 3 sentences or so). Is this particularly French, or just a stylistic choice on the party of the author? I've never known a native English speaker to use a person's name in conversation more than once our twice.
Posted By: FrenchCultureMelissa Re: French repetition of names? - 06/04/12 05:44 PM
Hello there!

I don't hear too many people doing this. My belle mere(mother in law) does though. I think it's a way of showing affection or part of being a business woman. Either way, it is about making connections. smile

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