Newly single - so what? Who cares?

Posted By: Sheryl T

Newly single - so what? Who cares? - 06/07/15 12:57 PM

Well -- I gave him 2 years in our long distance relationship and ended up waiting 6. Then he decides he wants to be single. Funny, he expected me to be upset. I wasn't. I hadn't thought of us as a couple for the past four years.
Now he is calling all the time telling me he loves me. HA! I just let it go to voicemail. He's not a priority anymore. Like they say on the Wendy Williams Show, "Bye Felicia!"
Posted By: Sheryl T

Re: Newly single - so what? Who cares? - 06/18/15 11:54 PM

He was really worried because I was calm when he told me. He kept asking if I was going to make trouble! Actually I was just so relieved. Now he's stewing about it and I couldn't care less. In fact I have been cruising the dating sites. Lol! Some day he'll get a clue
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