Posted By: Megan M Getting Children Involved in Embroidery - 11/02/13 02:46 AM
Involving your children in your hobbies can be rewarding and you can end up looking at what you do in an entirely different way.

Getting Children Involved in your Embroidery
Posted By: wattsemb Re: Getting Children Involved in Embroidery - 01/09/14 06:36 PM
I started Crafts as a Child and That is why To this Day I still love Crafts.. So start Them Young and they will keep going on their own.. Wattsemb
Posted By: Sheryl T Re: Getting Children Involved in Embroidery - 02/28/15 06:52 PM
My mom tried to get me into embroidery as a child of 6 -- didn't work very well. But from time to time I would want to mess around again and try a project that never seemed to get finished. My mom gave up in frustration. But from this I developed a love of sewing in general.
Posted By: LApausi Re: Getting Children Involved in Embroidery - 10/27/17 06:10 PM
My kids are really appreciating when they can get involved in helping me. Most times we end up working at least twice as much on any project, but it's more fun than anything. If you don't take it too seriously you can make kids happy. Start them young is the key I believe, as wattsemb puts it.
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