The 'Obama' Phone

Posted By: Sheryl T

The 'Obama' Phone - 05/16/15 03:09 PM

This doesn't have anything to do with Obama, first off. I got one last weekend. All they ask for is proof that you are either on food stamps or qualify by the amount of your social security payment.
This phone gives 250 free minutes a month -- it's a SmartPhone -- and with the addition of a SD card the camera will go into operation. You can add all the apps you want.
Great Deal -- FREE - price is right.
Posted By: Mona - Astronomy

Re: The 'Obama' Phone - 05/16/15 06:42 PM

The phones are part of the Lifeline program authorized in 1996 by the FCC. It was only for landlines then, but now also includes subsidized cell phones. It all began under President Clinton and continued under Presidents Bush and now President Obama.
Posted By: Sheryl T

Re: The 'Obama' Phone - 05/19/15 01:57 PM

This is great for people that need some kind of communication device with the outside world but their budget prevents it.
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