Posted By: RPG_Lloyd Gaming Purchases - 03/20/06 11:21 PM
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Gaming Purchases - 03/21/06 12:32 AM
best buy they have good prices and I like the customer service if I need it
Posted By: XLadyRogue Re: Gaming Purchases - 03/24/06 12:32 PM
This is hard to answer in a poll. We purchase different things at various places.

Books: Amazon, Books-a-Million or Barnes and Nobles
Dice- Gaming shop
Computer Games- Amazon or EB
Miniatures- Gaming shop
Paper, pens, notebooks and binders- Wal-mart (hehe)
Posted By: RPG_Lloyd Re: Gaming Purchases - 03/24/06 04:45 PM
That's a good point. Perhaps I should have phrased it as "where do you buy stuff" and let people respond with more than one answer. We'd still get a "most" answer by looking at the total of all responses.
Posted By: RPG_Lloyd Re: Gaming Purchases - 03/27/06 06:13 PM
Apparently, I did allow more than one vote. I didn't remember that.

Well, I almost have to buy from my local game store. I used to own it, and when I sold it I wrote into the contract that I get my loot at cost. At prices like that, you don't look elsewhere.
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