Hello everyone,

Today I've got some time slated to work on my newest campaign setting. This one's interesting to me because I'm taking care to design it as system-independent as I can. Creating non-player characters and prominent personalities is on my itinerary this afternoon.

How about you?
Thus far I haven't found a use for my accounting course in role-playing games. I'm only one week in though. Economics has really driven my interest in town and country creation, though. Today I've got a quiz reviewing some chapters from last term; I plan on jotting down some basics for how I can easily apply material from this chapter to RPGs I create.

How about you?
Oh, but imagine the next time one of your NPCs *is* an accountant. You'll be able to sound more authentic now, thanks to that course. I think good GMs are information-vores, soaking up a little bit about everything.
Hello Jay,

You've got a good point. I remember when I researched the history of blacksmithing just so I could give a game some more filling. It was set just at the discovery of steel, tech-wise, and that blacksmith had a whole lot more booksmarts than the tailor in the same town.

Most certainly agreed about information-vores: Last night I realized while reading a physics book that I should have two notebooks on hand while reading. One slated for content notes and the other for campaign creation.
With all the time-sensitive matters going on today, I've barely been able to do anything aside from research, homework and phone calls. Tonight I'll make some time to draft up some villain concepts for the setting though. I like strange motivations from villains instead of the normal wealth/revenge/whichever plots. It throws my players off-guard and is more fun for me smile

How have you incorporated role-playing games into your day?
My keyboard has failed me, but thankfully there's virtual keyboards! I'm fleshing NPCs tonight after accounting homework. Aquatic combat awaits for the completion of an exhilarating lesson about notes receivable and interest.

No worries - none shall be named 'Uncollectible' or 'Doubtful.' Maybe.

How have you let your gamer loose tonight?
It is fun to add real things we learn into the game and it gives players who all know this information a little something to smile about. I haven't played a game in awhile though, so I guess it might be time to get back into it.
Hello Goobie,

Definitely agreed! On both counts, actually. Inside knowledge helps people become more immersed in the game as more faculties of their brain are engaged with what's going on. On the other note, it's never too late to role-play smile
Today I spent much time working on a homebrew system. Listened to a podcast on nerd-ism for inspiration and humor, found both smile Ran some research to preserve a sense of realism in the game I'm preparing and incorporated notes from yesterday's playtest.

What did you do today?
smile I've barely cared for my "inn-self" today, let alone my RPG, lol.

But my husband LOVES them. He turns his characters into he and I and we take adventures. It's fun things we do, like when relationships get into routines.

We're doing cross-countries cooking new recipes too - in RL-Gaming. wink
That's great, Elleise! I'm in favor of RPGs to break routine smile

Which systems have you gotten into?
Great thread! I don't know much about RPG, but I enjoyed reading this. Are the characters in RPG ever accountants? Somehow I picture them all being high-fantasy types like in D&D (not that I know much about that either). So definitely you'll get your blacksmiths and brewers, but accountants...? smile
I haven't had any accountants yet, but Jay's got a great point. Once I had an incredibly educated blacksmith (several hours of preparatory research later). Haven't gotten to play a brewer but eventually.

Now to find a way to make the players require an accountant ally smile
Ha, ha! I would think you could totally get a lot of mileage out of an accountant NPC in that, say, the king is going to send a band of mercenaries out on a quest, but he sends the royal accountant along to make sure the mercenaries stay within the royal budget. If they don't, they forfeit their lives! And so the mercenaries are going to be trying everything they can to keep the accountant in the dark and distract him from the real action -- kind of like the troops during the Vietnam War when the press correspondents wanted to tag along and watch. laugh
That's a good idea. If not their lives then a portion of their pay. What mercenary wants to work for free? I didn't know that about the Vietnam War, actually. Interesting.
Today I got into an old shoebox and skimmed inventory of some old adventures, prep and characters. Even found some of my artwork! Nostalgia aside, many of these have never seen the light of day. Even among those that have, only a few players ran across them. It's time to recycle smile

How have you cared for your inner RPGer today?
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