Posted By: "Rosie" what about me? - 09/03/07 06:16 PM
My dad, his father, and my aunts n uncles, all had Alzheimer's, towards my dads last days he forgot how to swallow I stand a very good chance of developing the disease my self, would i know?? and what are the symptoms, am i just gonna forget where i live, my dad did!
Posted By: babyquacker Re: what about me? - 09/03/07 07:16 PM
There are simple little tests that you can do that let you know if you are going to be susceptible. One is being able to repeat or remember a list of numbers. For example, a doctor did a test on a whole audience. He gave them 7 or 8 digits to remember and went on with 5 - 10 minutes of different conversations. After the conversations, he asked the audience how many of them remembered the numbers that he had given them.

Some of them started to repeat the numbers out loud (that was kinda noisy). He stopped them and said that it really wasn't important to remember the numbers, but rather the sequences. He then put up 5 or 6 sets of numbers, with different sequences and asked who could pick out the CORRECT sequence out of the list.

He said that many people forget where they put their keys, so that is not a good indicator of alzheimers, but forgetting which key opens your car MIGHT BE. There are some things that you can do to prolong your brain from short curcuiting into alzheimers. He suggested that we play mental games, crosswords, number puzzles and such like that to keep our brains active and young.

Posted By: GtownmaGenealogy Re: what about me? - 09/03/07 07:32 PM
Yes, keep your brain stimulated. Keep up with all the current research.

That is one reason I do the family history, I am always thinking and researching. Now that I am restarting college, I feel like I am doing ok on the studying since I've been reading, etc. all along.

Good Luck! Great getting to know both of you , Baby and Sky!
Posted By: "Rosie" Re: what about me? - 09/03/07 07:44 PM
thank you Trish n Tina
Posted By: babyquacker Re: what about me? - 09/03/07 07:53 PM
Tina, I think all the reading and researching that you do will definitely help you in school! I know that since I started doing all of this, I have gotten much more alert with my thinking. You know what they say about muscles, "Use it or lose it" and I SO BELIEVE IT.

It's been great getting to know you, too! I was going to comment on what a nice thing you were doing with ancestry and offering 2 spots. Should I take the 2nd spot?


Posted By: nokids4us Re: what about me? - 09/17/07 05:39 AM
Hi everyone, I've been working around Alzheimer's disease for many years now and thought I might be able to help a bit. Alzheimer's disease can only be properly diagnosed (during life) by undergoing an extensive number of tests ~ it's a process of elimination really. It does appear to be true that what is good for your heart (eating well, exercising, staying hydrated etc.) can also be good for your mind ~ so adopting a healthy lifestyle may be your best defense at this point. You'll definetly want to try puzzles and memory joggers to try to keep your brain working quickly.

The good news is that many people with a family history of Alzheimer's/Dementia never develop in to Alzheimer's themselves. There are unfortunately others who will be diagnosed with it. If you want to find the latest information available on Alzheimer's disease and the warning signs, steps to getting a diagnosis and the latest research findings... I would suggest that you vist the website for the Alzheimer's Association ~ their site is . They offer a free service of a 24hr per day 7 days a week toll-free helpline ~ someone will gladly answer any questions that you may have. I think the # is 800-292-3900? Take care and best wishes.
Posted By: sarahbear Re: what about me? - 10/11/07 04:27 PM
Hi im sarah,
Ive been researching this lately cos someone in my husband's family has recently been diagnosed. Found some good info. it truly is a horrible cruel illness. Take care.
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Posted By: "Rosie" Re: what about me? - 10/11/07 08:35 PM
Famous people with Alzheimer's disease just a hand full to many to copy them all
1.Charles Bronson (actor,film director)
2.Thomas Dorsey (singer)
3.Rita Hayworth(actress)
4.Sugar Ray Robinson (boxer)
5.Norman Rockwell (artist)
6.Ronald Reagan (40th president usa)
7.Barry Goldwater (Senator of Arizona
8.Perry Como (singer entertainer)
9.Charlton Heston(actor and political activist)
10.Burgess Meredith (actor)
just to name a few of the many living and dead
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