If you haven't even considered using lard in your cooking, it may be time to reconsider. The why's and how's are in this article.

Lard - Fatback or Leaf
Posted By: Ninjahedgewych Re: Lard Making a Kitchen Comeback - 04/05/16 05:22 AM
In the UK the term for lard rendered from cooked meat is "Dripping" as in the traditional "Bread and Dripping" sandwich. It also makes great Pemmican. Here's the article for some context
Yes, thank you for the reminder: bread and dripping sandwich reminds me that food is precious and waste not part of our food legacy. I did not yet mention the form of lard known as "asiento". It is somewhat reminiscent in color to the drippings left in the skillet when you make bacon -- for Mexicans it is commonly smeared on tortillas for a fortifying bite -- not unlike the wonder food of pemmican. Crows would probably also enjoy a tortilla with "asiento".
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