A hot salsa recipe that is bursting with rustic goodness. Plus a little background on one of Mexico’s most important ingredients - chile. Salsas or sauces are a fundamental part of Mexican food and this article is a good start to mastering salsas.

Green Chile and Salsa Verde

Posted By: Sean John Re: Green Chile and Salsa Verde - 02/02/16 11:27 AM
You are right. Every Mexican dish is incomplete without hot salsa or sauces. I always use to eat Mexican sandwiches and Mexican tortas with my favorite spicy salsa. I must accept that spicy salsa or sauces double the taste of every dish.
I'm glad you appreciate salsa. Mexicans will frequently say, "it is a light for the mouth", of course they say that in Spanish. Tell me, do you make your own or buy it ready made?
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