Posted By: Elaine A Saying No and Meaning No - 10/19/14 09:35 AM
Saying NO to teenagers can be one of the more difficult aspects of parenting. Remembering the times I had to say no brings back some difficult memories. There were times when saying yes would have been far easier in the short term! For a whole host of reasons I would stick to my decisions,as difficult as life sometimes became.
Have other parents found saying No to teenagers difficult?
Posted By: Elaine A Re: Saying No and Meaning No - 12/08/14 01:19 PM
With Christmas approaching, saying no to expense presents can be
very difficult.
Explain firmly but gently that there is a budget. Most teenagers are understanding of family situations.
Pushing out the stresses of Christmas will leave everyone feeling the benefit.
Spending time with teens is a win-win situation. When parents handle the financial budgets sensibly they send a positive message to the kids.
If previous Christmases have proven difficult because of overspending this is a good time to turn a corner.
Most teens have a good sense of difficulties happening in families. Trust them to be understanding.
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: Saying No and Meaning No - 02/04/21 03:32 AM
I think it's hard to say no to anybody we care for. This could be a spouse, a partner, a parent, a toddler, and a teen.

A challenge with teens is that while toddlers may quickly forget the incident, and while a spouse can rationally work through the situation in a mature manner, a teen has just enough maturity to remember it for weeks and just enough lack of maturity to wallow in resentment and a feeling of martyrdom.

That is why adults need to build the maturity and strength to be the 'adult in the house'. To follow the path that leads to a safe, healthy environment for everyone.
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