Posted By: Georgia, AK Tatter Superbowl Sunday Snowflake - 02/04/17 05:35 PM
Snowflake with Bugle Beads by Dianna Stevens ©1999 (from the files of the Online Tatting Class)

Bugle Bead Snowflake
Posted By: Gracie Loo Re: Superbowl Sunday Snowflake - 09/02/17 08:43 PM
I just began learning tatting today but love seeing patterns like this as encouragement to what I will be able to make one day. :)
Posted By: Georgia, AK Tatter Re: Superbowl Sunday Snowflake - 09/03/17 02:06 PM
Hello Grace and Welcome to the Wonderful of tatting!
Online tatting lessons begin again in mid Sept. Please join us, it is free and fun. Send me a note at for details.
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