Posted By: Karin-Latin Music Editor Latin Music Topic Requests - 03/06/08 01:43 AM
I would like to keep this thread going on a regular basis so that visitors can post their interests, questions or topics of interest. If there is something you would like to learn more about regarding Latin music, please let me know here. From history to music artists to reviews, let me know what interests you. But feel free to add a new thread as well if there is something you would like to discuss with everyone. Enjoy!
I recently received a request for more information on Ivy Queen, the female reggaeton artist. In a musical genre dominated by men, Ivy Queen has achieved recognition in the form of music awards and hit songs that have reached the top of the Latin music charts.

Stay tuned for an article on Ivy Queen this month on the Latin music site. I will also be featuring other female recording artists who are making a name for themselves in a male-dominated industry.

Feel free to post here with any other female - or male - Latin music artists that you are interested in learning more about.
Posted By: JeniLo Re: Latin Music Topic Requests - 06/04/08 03:26 PM
I love listening Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias.Both r just awesome.
Posted By: Melisa Re: Latin Music Topic Requests - 06/14/08 04:38 AM
Enrique is just aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome singer.Shakira and Ricky martin is also in my list.
Posted By: Ms.D Re: Latin Music Topic Requests - 06/14/08 05:40 AM
Theodoro Reyes is a great bachata singer. Bachata is a style of music that is very popular in the Dominican Republic, and is now getting alot of radio play in my city. Does anyone else know about this style of music?
In answer to several requests, this week's article is on Latin pop sensation Ricky Martin. Enjoy!

And Ms. D, bachata is absolutely beautiful music! It is one of my favorites. You can read an overview of the music and the dance here. You can also listen to bachata music here. And keep checking back for more articles on today's best bachata artists and bands. Do you dance bachata as well, Ms. D?
Posted By: Ms.D Re: Latin Music Topic Requests - 07/17/08 05:03 AM
I will check out the link that you posted Karin. Oh yes I love it, and I dance it. It's the R&B of latin music. My mom taught me how to dance this style of music when I was a little girl. I am from miami,and I live in an area where there are mostly dominicans, so I hear it all the time.
Posted By: Straycat Re: Latin Music Topic Requests - 08/30/08 01:39 PM
Are Gipsy Kings considered Latin? They are really good.
Posted By: Ruhi Sheikh Re: Latin Music Topic Requests - 12/19/08 12:09 PM
The Spanish and their music helped the Latin American music to originate. since its birth, the music has always ruled the hearts of the people and for this we must thank all the great artists like Elda Cerrato, Ivan Serpa, Manuel Gregorio Acosta, Esteban Villa, Jonathan Cadavid, Amelia Peláez etc.

Ruhi Sheikh
Music Reviewer
Posted By: xiaobaimao2008 Re: Latin Music Topic Requests - 12/22/08 09:34 AM
I love all of the Latin Music but have to say Merengue, Durnaguense and Reggaeton are my favorites! My favorite song has to be Por Tu Amor (The acoustic version) by Alacranes Musical. Its such a beautiful song!
Posted By: hermosotrozo1 Re: Latin Music Topic Requests - 02/19/09 06:47 PM
I am in love with female jazz vocalists! i read about one more in 'All About Jazz' & she is Margo Reymundo. she is absolutely
beautiful and has the voice of an angel. i would recommend her to everybody who likes Latin influenced Jazz and vocal Jazz. she�s gorgeous!
Posted By: bexx Re: Latin Music Topic Requests - 07/04/09 04:29 PM
Posted By: iheartriot18 Re: Latin Music Topic Requests - 07/21/09 12:20 AM
I like this new singer named Agina.
Posted By: Victoria_S Re: Latin Music Topic Requests - 10/23/09 10:04 AM
Latin-European music mix from USA - RUSSIA composer Oleg Tumanov
More Bananas
On My Way from Brazil

and old latin album "RIO HAVANA"
Posted By: Isabel - Mexican Food Re: Latin Music Topic Requests - 09/13/10 02:51 PM
Have you any favourite Mexican music, Karin? All my mariachi CDs were stolen a few months ago and I have not so far replaced them. Any ideas and suggestions?
One of my favorites too. I live in El Salvador and there is a wealth of good bachata artists here. And of course, the KOB or Kings of Bachata are always enjoyed; although I've heard Romeo sing so much that I've sort of gotten over it a bit. I heard that Aventura is breaking up though and Romeo is going solo. Anyone else heard that?
I liked David Brisbal, until I saw him on an ad for the Siman Department Stores, here in San Salvador. That did it for me. When the top 14 elite families in the country who exploit the poor so badly can get a top recording artist to do their bidding for them, my feeling for that artist goes F.L.A.T.L.I.N.E. And it did. I think that was a horrible career move for him. He should have stuck to music.
For me, Luis Miguel is doing it, has done it, and probably always will do it for me. He sings with a clarity and feeling that brings tears, joy, and pleasure every single time.
Posted By: grupoiman Re: Latin Music Topic Requests - 03/12/11 08:00 AM
Hi, maybe you can check out my music. Let me know. Mostly ballad.
Just released a new single 'Ilogico amor', four different version, bachata, dj mix, rml, and rap version.

If you like, you can check out the whole album

Eddie - Iman
Posted By: Rixonhewit Re: Latin Music Topic Requests - 04/15/11 10:07 AM
I love to hear music I am a big fan of MJ .He is still alive with his songs.
Posted By: webjuke Re: Latin Music Topic Requests - 04/20/11 09:53 AM
My Favorite Latino singer is Enrique Iglesias
Posted By: Encore DT Re: Latin Music Topic Requests - 06/19/12 01:54 AM
Latin American dancing!!! And more specifically, how some of the rhythms came about (salsa, chacha, rumba, etc...).
Posted By: Harry124 Re: Latin Music Topic Requests - 05/16/13 03:01 AM
I like to listen Ricky Martin.
Posted By: gn20611 Re: Latin Music Topic Requests - 05/19/13 01:14 AM
I like musci too
Yes, he is really great to listen to. Hard to have it on at work with headset though because it is difficult to sit still!
Posted By: elise69 Re: Latin Music Topic Requests - 04/22/14 04:21 AM
This is very good music!
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: Latin Music Topic Requests - 01/28/21 07:20 PM
I went to see On Your Feet! about Gloria Estefan when it came through Massachusetts - it was great! So any music like that would be lovely.
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