Posted By: Krztypie COVID Anxiety - 08/24/21 09:22 AM
Hi Ladies,

How you enjoying beauty care during this pandemic? Just to share, I've read young adults have experienced a number of pandemic-related consequences, such as closures of universities and loss of income, that may contribute to poor mental health. During the pandemic, a larger than average share of young adults (ages 18-24) report symptoms of anxiety and/or depressive disorder (56%). Compared to all adults, young adults are more likely to report substance use (25% vs. 13%). Actually, I'm one of those young individuals who is mentally drained because of COVID reports. I'm always in fear of what future holds. Please help me go through this, what do I need to do?

Thank you.
Posted By: Angie Re: COVID Anxiety - 08/24/21 12:38 PM
People are living in fear. When local news is turned on the top story is about the covid statistics. It goes on and on. Some people are still afraid to leave their homes. Some will not go out into a crowded area. The politicians talk up the vaccinations but there ar so many who have been vaccinated who are in the hospital with unknown/undiagnosed problems. We are living through a time when no one really knows what the truth is.
Posted By: Luella Re: COVID Anxiety - 08/26/21 08:11 AM
I agree with the comment above. The world is full of uncertainty.
Posted By: Krztypie Re: COVID Anxiety - 08/27/21 06:47 AM
Hey all. Thanks for your responses. I appreciate them. I guess I just have to turn off my TV and stop watching the news. It's crazy. I'm just sad that this is what we have to deal with now.
Posted By: Krztypie Re: COVID Anxiety - 09/08/21 02:20 AM
I've been thinking doing a live stream to combat the depression I'm facing. Can you give me tips what I should consider? Thanks!
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