Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Portabella Burger... - 03/02/08 07:33 PM
Has anyone ever tried a Portabella Burger? Just saute the Portabella in garlic butter and serve with your favorite toppings - it is wonderful!
Posted By: Jill - Healthy Foods Re: Portabella Burger... - 03/03/08 09:47 PM
Yeah, portabella mushrooms are really meaty and tasty. a perfect substitute for a burger!! i think they come out best when seasoned with a little salt and pepper, coated with olive oil and then grilled.
Posted By: Rhonda C Re: Portabella Burger... - 03/03/08 09:55 PM
I always order the Portabella burger at one of my favorite restaurants but I have never made it at home. I definitely need to give it a try.

I love to saute Portabella's and spinach in olive oil. It makes a great side dish and doesn't even need salt added. My husband is trying to cut down on his salt intake so we are always looking for tasty recipes that use minimal salt.
Posted By: patd Re: Portabella Burger... - 03/03/08 10:31 PM
Wow, it's 2:30 in the afternoon but this thread is making me hungry! Do you guys have recipes you like and would be willing to share? :]

Posted By: Jill - Healthy Foods Re: Portabella Burger... - 03/04/08 04:31 PM
Grill up the portabella mushroom as I described before and serve it on a whole wheat roll with some roasted red peppers, baby arugula and basil mayo (reduced fat mayo combined with chopped fresh basil) yum!
Posted By: patd Re: Portabella Burger... - 03/04/08 07:39 PM
Jill, thanks. I will. And thanks' for the mayo info...and your editorial comment (yum)...LOL!

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