Posted By: Candyce - Adventure Living Nude Travel - 12/24/11 12:56 AM
According to devotees, nude travelers get rid of their psychological baggage about their bodies when they take their clothes off.

There are many RV nudist camps.
See my column on nude travel in Adventure living.

What do you think? Would you try it? Have you gone on a clothing-optional vacation? If so, what was your experience?

Adventure Living editor
Posted By: RV Editor Erin Re: Nude Travel - 12/26/11 11:10 PM
I just read your article. Nice job! I can totally see the whole shedding of the psychological baggage angle. It makes sense. Going on a "nakation" that would certainly be an adventure! I haven't been to an RV nudist camp, but I'm certainly not opposed to it. And, it would make for a good article eh?
Posted By: gemineye006 Re: Nude Travel - 12/26/11 11:17 PM
i believe that candyce,at least it does have that effect on me,but i feel uncomfortable with clothes and don t bother about them as i used to now,like dressing medieval and goth.i m naked as soon as i am home and love being naked in nature.i spend winter in t-shirt and can t stand anything too heavy on s ben like that since i m a kid.
Posted By: RV Editor Erin Re: Nude Travel - 01/01/12 01:02 AM
I prefer less clothes myself. Which is funny, because I currently live in a climate that requires me to wear too many layers for about 9 months out of the year. My ideal outfit would consist of bare feet, shorts and a halter top. smile
Posted By: Sheryl T Re: Nude Travel - 06/02/15 11:54 AM
Wow! I thought you meant like driving down the road nude. But I can really see where shedding clothes is probably a good idea. I don't wear much around the house. In fact right now, I'm in a purple bra and purple panties.
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