Posted By: Katherine - Natural Living New Year, Less Clutter - 01/04/21 06:16 AM
This article always seems appropriate once the New Year hits. I don't know about you, but I start each year off with a massive decluttering spree. I wrote an article with tips to help us on our journeys:

Happy New Year, Everyone!
Posted By: Angie Re: New Year, Less Clutter - 01/04/21 04:15 PM
I need to reduce paper - I'm a genealogist. This morning I scanned my mother's high school scrapbook items - 5 very aged yellow sheets. So, now I am 6 sheets less having in a pile.

Yes, paper clutter is difficult and it can get out of hand quickly! I find that scanning or taking photos helps considerably (as long as I let myself get rid of the item after). For me, mail piles can get out of hand quickly. I have to make sure I tend to it regularly because most of the mail I get is junk and the clutter is totally unnecessary.

Thanks for your comment!

Katherine T.
Posted By: Angie Re: New Year, Less Clutter - 01/06/21 03:00 PM

Katherine it is difficult to let some of the original material go. When I open mail, I keep what I need and discard the rest immediately in a little shopping bag which I keep next to my seat. When the bag is full, it is emptied into the recycling can.
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