Posted By: hbkchica725

christian - 01/10/05 11:21 AM

is christian the real christian? i dont think it is i think the real one is going to show up and they are going to kill each other off. tut
Posted By: Michianna

Re: christian - 01/10/05 02:54 PM

I don't think he's the real Christian either. I think the real Christian really is dead and John is going to figure out he's not really Christian, save Natalie and they'll end up together. Wishful thinking? maybe so. <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Judith, Football editor

Re: christian - 01/10/05 02:59 PM

I think it may be the real Christian that lost his memory and was reprogramed to be bad, but the good will comeout later when it is needed. I don't know because he has all the bandages on his face in the flashbacks. Can't wait to find out!
Posted By: hbkchica725

Re: christian - 01/11/05 12:01 PM

as far as i know when a person has bandages on his face and his eyes are bruised it usually means that the person had some sort of plastic surgery done because i know someone who had plastic surgery and u due ten to get black eyes when u have it. who do u think it is some people say its haver,or mitch lawrence,even walker flynn. my thoughts would be that it could be walker flynn i mean if todd could get surgery to look like walker why not walker getting surgery to look like christian and maybe he doesnt remember to much because he supposedly was involved in the elevator crash. whats ur thoughts
Posted By: Judith, Football editor

Re: christian - 01/11/05 02:04 PM

The reason I was thinking it may be him with bandages is who knows what happened to him before they got him. He may have had a face injury along with the brain injury. It could be someone else. My question is if it were any of those people, if he was there, trying to come back, why did they have him locked up? He would be in charge right? Maybe it isn't crazy enough to be a soap opera plot. Just thinking...
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Re: christian - 01/12/05 11:29 AM

i think when they showed the christian on the ship it was the real christian trying to fight his way off the ship but he didnt succeed because when he was on the ship he could draw all of a sudden he is in llanview and cant even draw a stick figure. he has to be an imposter.
Posted By: Judith, Football editor

Re: christian - 01/12/05 02:12 PM

I had forgot about that. I am ready to find out what is going on!
Posted By: C Lewis

Re: christian - 02/14/05 06:24 PM

Wow! It was revealed this past week that it really is THE Christian. The real Christian. So now I'm even more confused. He confessed to killing Tico and tried to kill Antonio but couldn't do it. John had the DNA test done thinking it would prove he wasn't really Christian. Surprise!

So who did this to Christian and why?
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