I just read about these cancellations. I don't watch them, but they have been around long enough for me to know the actors and actresses.

Posted By: M o e Re: RIP All My Children and 1 Life to Live - 04/15/11 05:20 PM
Same here. Twitter was all abuzz with the news yesterday. Lots of broken hearts.
Posted By: GrannyH Re: RIP All My Children and 1 Life to Live - 04/25/11 01:45 AM
I don't watch these shows either, but I do wonder if this is where all the soap are headed. It's been around 17 years since NBC cut down to only one, and they are always threatening to cancel it. I won't be surprise (but I will be mad as hell) when I hear that DAYS has been cancelled. I find myself watching the all-news-channels all day long, and that is so depressing. I want the shows I can get lost in.
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