Posted By: Chelle - Marriage Editor Date Night - 05/20/19 10:47 AM
After being gone way too long - I'm finally back!

This week's article is Date Night

Date Night is very important to a marriage. It gives us a chance to reconnect with each other as a couple, not just as Mom and Dad, or as two roommates passing in the morning and night.
Posted By: ChidoriDreams2 Re: Date Night - 05/24/19 10:50 PM
Michelle!!! So happy to see you back! I'm back, too. In Dreams.

As for Date Night, I think it's important, too, and honestly, we have fallen out of that habit. No wonder, our connection seems to be more distant as time goes on. We're letting our adult kids, separate interests and extended families take center stage and that's not good.

I'm thankful to have happened across your latest article link here in the forums. I'll sign up for your newsletter.

Cheers, Lori
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