Why are all the pro lifers trolling the pro choice boards?
oops... i read your question wrong; this is not pro-choice, if you look up at the title bar. This is Pro-Life, but I am for each individual having a choice, a personal choice, one that is between themselves, their mate and their maker (who, for me, is God). So, I guess I am pro-choice, but I am still pro-life.

I know this is pro life thats why I was asking....This room is so quiet compared to the pro-choice but all the pro lifers seem to hang out in there...Why is that?
We hang out in there to try to convince pro-choicers that kids are not choices. They are human beings with a right to live. Abortion is murder.
Dave, that is your opinion, and you are certainly welcome to have it. But, I think everyone should be able to make their own decision about their choice and it should be a personal choice. It is not up to you or any other human to judge the level of sin. That is up to God. Just as I said previously, the choice is each individuals decision, along with their mate and their maker. They will have to stand before God and explain. You have made your point but you can not force your opinions on anyone.

My opinions are based on judgements God has already made. God says death is a curse, therefore since abortion results in the death of the unborn it is a sin. Not my judgement. God's judgement and it is the truth, not opinion. No one has the right to make their own judgements about sin. That you are right about. But by killing the unborn you ARE making just such a judgement. The other side of that coin is that only God can make judgements on life or death. He gives life to whom He chooses and so it is up to Him to decide when it should be over. Yes, we will all stand before God but you will not be able to explain murder, regardless of the selfish excuse offered. Murder is an offense not just against God but also against society. Therefore, the choice of abortion is very much my business. And I will continue to make it so.
Bla Bla Bla......zzzzzzzzz
I guess that means you have no response. Because I'm right and you know it.
The pro-life board is a fairly recent addition to the boards here. For a long time there was only a pro-choice board, so if there was going to be a debate; pro-choice was the place to go.

The posts I have seen on this issue recently seem to be old "conversations" brought back to life. The reason I know this is because my posts on there are listed under "musicalmom" - which was the name I used before I became an editor, back in (August or September) of last year. So anytime you see "musicalmom" you know its got to be an old conversation revisited. <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
Dave I think you should be in mensa because you know everything.Why more people haveny=t heard of you I dont know...You are something
I don't know everything. I wish I did...but i worship someone who does...Jesus Christ.
Yes davey I am sure he does.....
Davey, if you don't know everything then why not try listening sometime?* Not just to god, but to your fellow mortals too.

* no offence
I'm listening. What do you want me to hear?
I'm glad you are. And your last series of posts have been uplifting to read (still no decent gags though), and almost sincere. What I'd like you to hear, are the many words of wisom, sanity and gentleness towards others, that have been written in repsonse to your earlier inflammatory posts.

And I'll listen to you, too (that's true that is), if I think you're worth listening to. But I can't take you seriously if you spend your free time hunting, shooting and standing in childrens playgrounds looking up at the sky*. Actions speak louder than words Davey (well they don't, not really, but ignore that) so give up the gun and use your free time doing good work in your community. That way you'd get my respect, and probably many others on here, and even though we might not agree with everything you say, we would certainly start to listen to you as well. Your offensive words on homosexuality for example, have resulted in lots of people putting you on ignore. Many of your views are actually quite offensive, so if you want us to listen, then you need to listen to us too. God I'm so hungry I could eat my own ear wax.

* that's a bit scary matey

I'm taking you off "Ignore", for now, TDave....just to see how things go.... <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
Merci', Alexandra.
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