Posted By: Ally-Home/Hols/USA Cook Brighten up Your Broccoli! - 08/02/15 04:14 PM
Why don't you turn your boring steamed broccoli into a bright and beautiful thing this week.

All you need is some lemon, garlic, oil and cheese. This is so simple to make, tastes so fresh and it's so good for you too!

Bright and Beautiful Broccoli
Posted By: Mona - Astronomy Re: Brighten up Your Broccoli! - 08/02/15 04:43 PM
Allyson, I love broccoli and this sounds yummy. Alas, partner doesn't share my fondness for the veg. But I'm going to try this recipe out and see how it goes down. I'll let you know what kind of reception it gets.
Yes Mona, please let me know how it went down...thanks for trying!
Posted By: Mona - Astronomy Re: Brighten up Your Broccoli! - 08/04/15 03:53 AM
Well, Allyson, it was a semi-success. The person who's decided he only-likes-tender-stem-broccoli, ate it without complaint, but also without enthusiasm. Personally, I can't see this tender stem thing. I don't think it's particularly better and I don't find the stem very tender either - I feel as though I have to chop it up and steam it into oblivion to get it cooked. (And it's expensive too.)

But as for me, I thought the dish was delicious and have added it to my recipe file. I used parmesan cheese, as that's what I had - really adds some zing to it. I'm not a vegetarian, but I could happily do it for myself as a main dish, maybe with mushroom rice as a side.
Well Mona, thanks for pushing it! lol I know too about those stalks...I've decided lately to buy only the florets as the stalks are mostly cut off...but still you do want to cook the ever living daylights out of them to be more palatable.

But thanks for giving it a shot and I'm happy you liked it.
Posted By: Deanna - New Age Re: Brighten up Your Broccoli! - 08/12/15 03:54 PM
Perfect timing!!! I just got a bunch of fresh broccoli laugh
Goody - the recipe just gives something bright to the broc!
Let me know if you liked if you make it - always looking for feedback/suggestions!
Posted By: Deanna - New Age Re: Brighten up Your Broccoli! - 08/12/15 04:18 PM
Allyson, I absolutely will let you know when I make it. Your recipe calls for Romano cheese, and I never, ever, would have thought of using that - we just always use cheddar LOL. So I'm going to pick up some Romano later, and maybe we'll do it tonight. laugh
your fave cheese is ok - cheddar is just a little more oily!
Hi Allyson and all,

I am one of the lucky people to likes broccoli for there are many that don't, though I am sure it's because they were introduced to it as a soggy overcooked grey-green something. We used to get it like that at boarding school.

Your recipe sounds good, am going to try it for sure.

Just in case there are some cooks out there who also garden, here below is a link that talks about how to grow your own broccoli (along with carrots too!) I hope you don't mind my posting it in your forum.

Broccoli and Carrot Containers

Got any 'different' carrot recipes to share Allyson? Have you ever heard of a 'copper penny' carrot salad? A friend of mine used to make it but she has gone now and I ever got the recipe. Anyway.

I will work on the carrot recipes for sure.

And post away - that's what the forums are for - I love your site!
I love veggies, but I add salt and butter...ohh....
Posted By: Deanna - New Age Re: Brighten up Your Broccoli! - 08/22/15 09:50 AM
And the Romano cheese MADE this dish!!! I want to try it on other things now laugh
Awesome Deanna - Happy you liked it!
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: Brighten up Your Broccoli! - 02/04/21 07:32 PM
I love broccoli. It's tasty in so many different ways. Plus, it's good for you. Broccoli and cheese is one of my go-to comfort foods.
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