Posted By: MarieS I'm Buying A New Car--Help Me Pick One - 08/31/07 11:16 PM
I am excited about possibly buying my first brand new car ever! I have been domestic for the last 3 (used) vehicles and now I am going import due to the numerous trips to my mechanic with my current vehicle. I love my country but until they can make a vehicle that won't nickle and dime me, I'm going where the quality is!

I am leaning toward the Nissan Altima 3.5SE or a (used) 2005 Toyota Avalon. I am looking for mid size, decent gas mileage, style and 17 in. Alloy wheels and reasonable price.

Any suggestions???
From everything I have heard the American Sedans are the ones to be wary of. I have had the same Ford Expedition since 2000 and I have never had anything mechanical go wrong with it.

When I finish my nursing classes, I am going to buy me a new one. I live in an area that has really awful traffic and I don't think I have the nerve to get on the road in a little Japanese import.
Posted By: Sheryl T Re: I'm Buying A New Car--Help Me Pick One - 06/09/15 12:17 PM
I bought a 2015 Honda Fit. Love it! It has everything I want and need. It was great for cross country driving when I made a couple of trips from Arizona to Oklahoma back in November. You'd be surprised how roomy they are. I had three small dogs and two huge cats with me and they were all happy with each having their own windows. smile
I too am an Import buyer - my first was an 05 Nissan Maxima SE. Great car with no majors - had it for 6 years. I upgraded to an Infiniti EX35, it's the AWD Crossover on a G chassis. I love it especially the real time camera system - front, back and top views and 11 speaker Bose sound system.

As for the trade value for domestic, forget it!

Honda and Toyota still lead in quality. Chevy seems to be coming up for now. Best wishes.
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