I often think of the day I bought my current vehicle. It was in April and the weather was rather perfect considering the month before it was snowing! I was walking to work one day and there it was--a gorgeous black 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GT with dual exhaust, power moonroof and tinted windows! It was love at first sight! Even though it was a used vehicle, it was merely 2 years old and in immaculate condition, which at the time, was all I needed to see! Instantly, I pictured myself rollin' on the highway, then driving in the city and of course driving it to work! All I could do at that moment was sigh because it had a sign hanging on the rear-view mirror with "hold" on it. At that very moment, my dream died! I was rather saddened and then I thought about how lucky the new owner would be--then I was depressed! Then a couple of days later, the "hold" sign was gone which meant it was back on the block and I started dreaming again! I was so busy imagining myself in this beautiful car that I forgot that I didn't have any money to buy it! Then I was frustrated! About one month later, I noticed my dream car was no longer there. I was so distraught, I thought that It was obviously NOT meant for me to have this beautiful car--I accepted that idea and moved on with my life--or so I thought I moved on. The very next day, the car was back in its original spot as I had first seen it. I decided that It was torture for me to keep dreaming about this car and let go of the whole idea. I realized that life is too short to waste such precious time wanting something so insignifcant--when we need to appreciate what we already have--family and friends. That was my way of getting over this thing or so I thought...Exactly two days later, I received a check for a substantial amount in the mail from a private source needless to mention and my dream became a reality! The very next day, I was driving that gorgeous black 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GT with dual exhaust, power moonroof and tinted windows! I knew that from that day on, I would keep my car clean and shiny!! I am very glad I have kept my car clean and waxed regularly--it still looks as good as the day I bought it. I couldn't be more pleased! I suggest everyone take a moment and reflect upon the day you got your vehicles--bet you'll smile!!! What's your story?
July 31st, 2004. I drove to a dealership just to check prices on the car that I have wanted for years, a Mustang. Just checking prices, they kept coming lower and lower, until finally I said ok, that's it. I have to have it. So now I am still driving my 2004 Mustang. I got my windows tinted, a huge sound system hooked up, and soon will have my last name on the back glass. It is so sweet. I've always liked cars that had curves to it, and my Mustang is definately it. I'll be paying for it for another four years and insurance is a killer (I'm only 19) but I wouldn't trade it for the world.
I have always been a Mustang fan, at about the age of 16 1/2 my parents decided to buy me a car with the tax return. We found a 1967 mustang, it needed work but I loved that car. I had it for about a year when an old man ran a redlight and totalled it, along with my lower back. I used to insurance money to buy a 1972 Plymouth Duster. I had the Duster for about 4 years when, in November of 2001, I bought a new 2002 Ford Ranger. I still have my truck and my dad now owns my old Duster. I miss my Duster, but it will be mine again when my dad kills over. I still desperately want a classic Mustang. Someday I will have another one but not for a few years.
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