Posted By: Lynne - ChristianLiving car enthusiasts - 01/14/13 11:15 AM
Does anyone have an idea of what a 1977 chrysler town and country station wagon with 90000 miles on it and in good condition is worth?

This is for a story I'm writing. I can't seem to find anything by googleing it, even though there are cars matching that description pictured.
Posted By: Marie A. Stroman Re: car enthusiasts - 01/14/13 11:27 AM
Usually, You can obtain a vehicle's current value from Kelly Blue Book at But the year of 1977 does not come up. You would have to find an antique dealer for value.
Posted By: Lynne - ChristianLiving Re: car enthusiasts - 01/15/13 09:08 AM
Thanks Marie. I posted on Facebook and got some great information from a high school friend and from someone I don't know. smile
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