Posted By: Jeffrey Kirk Chocolate Covered Bacon - 09/14/09 09:34 PM
Have you tried chocolate covered bacon, either in a commercial artisan chocolate bar or made by an independent chocolate shop? I think it's surprisingly delicious. I'd love to hear comments from others.
Posted By: Lisa - Fiction Writing Re: Chocolate Covered Bacon - 09/14/09 10:28 PM
[font:Microsoft Sans Serif][/font]I absolutely love chocolate (I eat 2 squares of extra dark chocolate every night), but I can say that I have never been tempted to cover my bacon with chocolate. That does not sound like it would be good at all. What caused you to try this strange combination in the first place?
Posted By: "Rosie" Re: Chocolate Covered Bacon - 09/14/09 10:35 PM
Sounds like something my pregnant niece would crave smile
Posted By: Jeffrey Kirk Re: Chocolate Covered Bacon - 09/15/09 03:17 PM
I first saw the combination as a candy bar by Vosges. It's called Mo's Bacon Bar. I couldn't resist trying it because it sounded so weird! It was actually pretty good. The saltiness of the bacon enhanced the sweetness of the chocolate. Then I found a local chocolate shop that made its own, getting the bacon really crispy and coating in a rich dark chocolate. Wow, that was good! And then there were vendors at the Wisconsin State Fair selling it this summer. It made a lot of news reports locally. I didn't make it to the fair, so I'm not sure about the taste or quality there.
Posted By: Vance - Crime Editor Re: Chocolate Covered Bacon - 09/15/09 03:30 PM
Chocolate covered bacon. Now I can die a happy man.
Posted By: mary-tea1 Re: Chocolate Covered Bacon - 09/28/09 05:14 PM
Vance I am sure most guys must feel that way too!

I get the salty/sweet thing! And I think chocolate on most things would taste good, but on meat ewwwewww I would have to try first...

Mary Caliendo
Posted By: Maureen-Twisted artist Re: Chocolate Covered Bacon - 10/27/09 02:33 AM
Eeeeeew that sounds like a heart attack just waiting to happen.

Actually- I love chocolate covered potato chips. There's a place in Florida that makes them and they are divine!! Just the right combo of sweet and salt!

Posted By: fooodin Re: Chocolate Covered Bacon - 11/07/09 12:29 PM
Hi Friend!! Cananyone tell me what exactly chocolate covered bacon is? I have never heard of it. And what is its speciality? Pls reply soon... Neha Sood Food Reviewer
Posted By: Megan - Hiking Re: Chocolate Covered Bacon - 11/09/09 07:33 PM
Can feel my arteries clogging at the mere thought...

Posted By: sundancer Re: Chocolate Covered Bacon - 11/13/09 03:16 AM
Never heard of chocolate covered bacon. Can you buy it online?
You can buy it online from both candyshops and specialty shops.
Posted By: Sheryl - Chocolate Re: Chocolate Covered Bacon - 12/26/09 02:17 AM
i like pretzels covered with milk chocolate -- but BACON?????
Posted By: Vannie Re: Chocolate Covered Bacon - 12/30/09 11:37 AM
I have heard of it and would be willing to try it. I think the combination would be interesting.
Posted By: MamaPR Re: Chocolate Covered Bacon - 01/03/10 05:10 PM
Love the two separately, and have to admit. I love it together too! My first thought was ... what crazy person drummed up the idea of covering something like bacon with chocolate? But, it really works well together. Of course, the quality of the ingredients and how the bacon is cooked really matters.
Posted By: chrisand Re: Chocolate Covered Bacon - 01/13/10 08:01 AM
[quote]Can feel my arteries clogging at the mere thought...[/quote]LOL. I absolutely love chocolate and like the salty/sweet thing too, tho have never tried chocolate and bacon together - would certainly be willing to try it. I love eating salted peanuts and chocolate in the same sitting...yum
Posted By: frances82 Re: Chocolate Covered Bacon - 02/16/10 11:35 PM
Ha! Chocolate covered bacon? Love it! Vosges has [url=] chocolate bacon bars[/url]. I absolutely LOVE their truffles too. They're kinda pricy, so I entered to get a free box of Vosges [url=]here[/url].
Posted By: Nedilya Re: Chocolate Covered Bacon - 02/23/10 06:19 PM
Yes - bacon. Hershey's has a recipe for a chocolate marinade that is just DIVINE on pork chops or a pork bacon...uh...YEP!
Posted By: rajay29 Re: Chocolate Covered Bacon - 03/01/10 08:03 PM
Well I've heard about chocolate & bacon combination. I read about bacon & chocolate in an article about chocolate & combinations on
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