Why do people like really dark chocolate? is it the health benefits or taste?
Both. How dark is too dark? If it doesn't taste good, it is too dark.
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: How Dark is Too Dark? for chocolate - 02/04/21 07:40 PM
I love dark chocolate!! I find most milk chocolate plastic-tasting. The rich flavors in dark chocolate, especially with a hint of orange or sea salt, appeal to me immensely. Plus it's good for you :).
I agree with you. I read somewhere dark chocolate offers lots of antioxidants, which is good! Apart from that... I prefer dark chocolate, find milk chocolate too sweet. But, on the other hand, i bought a 99% dark chocolate and... Oh, my God! I was you to some 85% and 99% was stremely... strange! It's difficult to get used to it! Hahaaa
Dark chocolate is considered to be one of the most healthiest chocolates since it provides low chances of diabetes. It helps in lowering heart diseases, give antioxidants and improves the brain functions of the body. The taste can seem quite bitter but over time people usually get use to the taste. You should definitely give it a try.
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