Posted By: Kimmi08 What is your preference weights or cardio? - 04/16/09 02:37 PM
I've heard that weights help women get in shape much faster by building muscle and cardio helps us lose fat by burning calories.

What do you prefer? I personally right now (due to conflict of schedule) am doing a lot of cardio but in the past, am living proof that weights shed fat fast and help us tone up. I'll be getting back on them for the next few months. What about you?
I much prefer Pilates to either, but I HATE cardio. In fact, I rarely do it. I know, I know. I'm gonna die early and all that. I'll get there eventually.
I tend to fluctuate between the two. I prefer the exercise classes where they tend to do cardio and mix in some weights. That way I actually feel like I'm accomplishing something.
I love resistance training (weights, bands, bodyweight exercises) and I live for yoga and a killer 10 mile hike but I'm not big on traditional cardio workouts especially machine cardio or aerobics videos. I used to be the opposite and lived in the step aerobics classes or on the stairmaster (that was back in the age of spandex).

Traditional cardio just bores me to death so I devised a way to get 1-2 session in per week with my son. We go to a park or stadium and do obstacle course races, lunges, jumps, and all kinds of other goofy stuff. I love spending quality time like this with him and it helps my endurance.

If you hate cardio too try circuit workouts. They get your heart rate up and build lean muscle.

You're right Monica. Can't go wrong with circuit workouts. That's what I've been doing lately, since landscape season is slowing down was 91 degrees yesterday and we're not even into summer....Whewwww!!!
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