Hi, I am new to the boards but to not to trying to juggle home, family and trying to take care of myself. Wondering if anyone else uses Leslie Sansone's Walk At Home workouts? I have been using her workouts for 3 years now. I have lost weight with them along with eating healthy. I love the fact these programs are easy to use and are perfect for mom's at home especially with young children. I recently was randomly selected to try out a few workouts from a new series of 6 workout kits that Leslie and Target are introducing at selected stores next month on April 5th. I am really excited about them. The series is called Walk Your Way Thin. The box came the other day and I couldn't wait to try them. The ones I was fortunate to try--Belly, Buns and Thighs, Walk off Even More weight with a new tool a weighted belt and a 3 Mile walk that uses Leslie's trademark Walk Belt. The Walk Belt has been a favorite of mine for a long time but the new Weight belt is going to be a favorite of mine too I think. Belly Buns and Thighs is a great lower body and ab workout and comes with a toning tool that works the legs with heavy ankle weights. I can't wait until they are officially released to check out the other 3. For more info on this system and to find out which stores in your area will be carrying the new kits got to I hope I am not the only Leslie fan out there?
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I have used Leslie's workouts off and on. I have the one with the 1, 2 and 3 mile walk and the blue weighted balls.

They are good. I have a lot of vhs/dvd's and I like to mix them up.

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I love Leslie. I think she's cute and her system is great for beginners.

I bought it for my mom who has a terminal lung condition. She uses them from time to time to keep her endurance up.

Unfortunately the entire system is not challenging for more advanced exercisers. Too much isolation not enough intensity. I would highly recommend it if you're just getting started or if your body can keep fit with easy to moderate workouts.

If you have stubborn fat and you're not new to exercise your body definitely needs a workout plan that's about 10 times harder than any of Leslie's dvds.

Take it to the next level with Body for Life for Women

You can also try Lean Long & Strong

Doing something is better than the couch, I always say! LOL!
Something is better than nothing but for those frustrated about not getting results it's important to address intensity and progression.

Most people who email me are frustrated because they are on a plateau and they don't understand that you have to keep raising the bar to keep burning fat and getting fit.

It's all about working out smarter if you want to look and feel great : )
I have her new intervals 2 mile dvd and I like it - I alternate using that and going to the gym.
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