Posted By: Dianne W - Editor Spinning - 01/09/09 01:05 PM
I was thinking of taking a spin class. I tried it once and was too tired and sore to move for the next week, but it was fun...even though it was hard to keep up with class. Anyone tried spinning before? Pros? Cons?
Posted By: ExerciseEditor Re: Spinning - 01/10/09 01:13 AM
I used to love spinning. It was great fun and most spinning instructors teach you how to push past your comfort zone so you really burn some fat.

The only downside to spinning is that it does bulk up the legs if you have an athletic build or if you already have tons of muscle from years of playing sports or lifting heavy weights.

If you have this body type then but still want to try it then just keep the tension a bit lower to prevent this.

Posted By: Kimmi08 Re: Spinning - 02/21/09 06:16 AM
I took this once and thought nothing could top the step machine until trying this. This is not for me. Uh, huh. Not even at 18. Not my cup o' tea.
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