Posted By: Nancy Roussy Wonder Core - 07/11/16 03:42 PM
Anyone has tried it?

Months ago I saw the commercial on television but I did not write it down because with that name I was sure I would remember it but I forgot and remembered the commercial days later and by then I had forgotten the name but I just found it on the internet a few minutes ago.

I will for sure get it! Amazon Canada has it and this is where I will buy it.

I was searching for something that would just hold my back but let me do the work (my back is arched thanks to me having bad posture since young so when i do crunches my back is not completely straight so i do not get the maximum out of the exercises) and so far this looks like perfection.

This is for many exercises not only abs plus I saw videos on Youtube and it comes basically installed, all you have to do is put the nobs to change the strength in place and that is it (another plus for me since im an idiot to install things by myself).
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Wonder Core - 07/11/16 11:14 PM
I should of mentioned that it is Wonder Core Smart, there's a few out there and the Smart is the one I am excited about.
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