Keep your joints happy

Posted By: Terri Jo

Keep your joints happy - 09/09/13 01:25 PM

Hi everyone. Here is the exercise tip of the week. Since this is Healthy aging month I am going to address joints. All of us at some time or another have trouble with our joints. We experience stiffness, deformaaty due to arthritis, and pain.

Often we don't think of our hands and feet when we exercise but these are common places for arthritis to set in. So try this:

-wrist circles
-play the piano, no not really but wiggle your fingers as though you are
-With a flat palm facing the floor gently pull your fingers up and back towards your forearm
-With a flat palm press your hand down from the writst towards the floor
-intertwine your fingers and just move forward and away
-Put your hands together in a prayer position in front of your chest and press the hands against each other; spread and close the fingers several times
-Last but not least, massage your hands. Take each finger and gently rub it from top to bottom. Pull on it a little. After you have done all the fingers be sure you massage your palm and the back of your hand.

Watch this week as we move on to other joint friendly movements including the feet.

Here is an article I wrote that may be of interest:
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