Posted By: ExerciseEditor Brazil Butt Lift Workout Plan - 01/05/12 01:40 AM
I started the Brazil Butt Lift workout plan a few days ago and I absolutely LOVE it! It's challenging, fun, and after 5 workouts I can already see the difference.

My favorite thing about these workouts is the dynamic and sexy movement patterns. I wrote an article about it a while back after trying some of the exercises. Here's the link in case you want to check it out. Brazil Butt Lift Exercises.

I'm excited to see where I'll be in 4 weeks. Once I'm done with it I'll be going back to one of my own plans but this is a very nice change of pace that will most definitely help me get past the fatloss plateau I've been on for a few weeks.
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Brazil butt lift comes with 4 workout options that are based on your unique body type and needs. I'm on the combination plan (classic solution) which means I'm doing 2 cardio and booty workouts per day 5 days a week (about 30 min. each workout) and 1 total body sculpt workout per week (45 min.) plus 1 day off.

This plan is somewhere between the lift and shape plan for women with flat butts and very little fat to lose and the slim and lift plan for women who need to lose more fat and really lift their butt. The fourth option is for pear shapes who have the typical saddle bags, saggy fat butt, and cellulite and need to lose maximum fat and reshape (feel kind of lucky I'm not this body type).

I was very happy that yesterdays sculpt workout really targeted the entire body but especially the entire back, chest, core, and arms. I was worried that this plan was too butt focused but it's more balanced than I expected.

My only complaint is that there is not enough stretching. This may not be an issue for you if you're body isn't as beat up as mine is from years of dance injuries. I will have to add some yoga at the end of the 45 min. sculpt next time and will be doing 60-90 min. of yoga on my day off to prevent tight sore muscles.

I don't think this would be an issue for most other people but if you have injuries or if you're a total beginner you may need to add extra stretching. The butt work is intense.

So far I'm loving this workout plan! I highly recommend it to any woman who wants to tone up, lose fat, and sculpt sexy curves.

Today's workout is cardio axe (brazilian dance cardio) plus high and tight (evil butt lift workout with mini band). These 2 are my favorite workouts in the entire plan.
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Today's workout is Bum Bum the evil lower body circuit workout that targets your butt, legs, inner and outer thighs plus core too. I LOVE lower body workouts and this one is great. After Bum Bum (boom boom) you immediately do the Tummy Tuck workout, a traditional ab workout with some plank style exercises too.

This is my second time doing both workouts and even though I'm not a huge fan of direct ab training I will be sticking with the program as written. I did get a little sore last time but overall I don't feel I'm getting as good of an ab workout as I do when I use the suspension trainer or stability ball or medicine ball. I have not done traditional ab work in over 10 years so it's a change that could be good or not. We'll see : )
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I'm almost through week 2 of brazil butt lift and I am so loving this workout plan. Yesterday I noticed something that really surprised me which is that I feel a bit more flexible and increased mobility in the hips which is something I have struggled with a lot the past few years.

I'm naturally a very flexible person but old injuries had really been limiting my mobility and flexibility even though I used to do yoga for 30-90 min. several times a week.

I think all the butt work is helping to strengthen all my glute muscles which means better posture, better hip stability, and a stronger posterior chain. The type of upper body work in Brazil Butt Lift has helped a lot too (lots of shoulder work that I tend to avoid when I do my own programs).

My only issue this week is that workouts got much longer. Some days 90 min. so instead of taking the 7th day off I'm using it to split up the last two days.

Next week looks less time consuming like week 1. I'm guessing they do this to avoid plateaus. This is actually a cool trick if you have the time. Short workouts one week, long the next etc. It does work to keep your body from adapting.
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I got a cold about two weeks ago (just a mild one) but I figured I could still workout even though I was sick and feeling pretty run down.

I was o.k. with this the first week but I guess not taking a rest day from Brazil Butt Lift last week finally caught up with me.

My energy levels have been super low during workouts the last two days and I can tell my body is having a difficult time recovering from workouts so today I'm taking a day off to see if this helps. If I need two days off I'll take another one tomorrow (hopefully not).

I really love this workout plan and was trying so hard to stick with it even though I was sick but I do realize that not taking a day off to fully recover form this cold will only stall my results.

Hopefully I can get back to it tomorrow. If not then for sure on Friday.
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Wow, one day off from training and I feel a million times better. The only thing I did last night was do super easy mobility for 10 min. then stretch for 10 min. before bed.

Maybe one more day of rest would be even better but not sure at this point. Today is sculpt day on Brazil Butt Lift (total body with weights and bodyweight) so not as hard as some of the other days (at least for me) but still challenging.

The hardest days on Brazil for me are bum bum and high n tight (although high n tight's been getting easier). The easiest days on this plan are cardio axe and abs.

Sculpt is somewhere in between for me. I'm sure for some people it's insanely hard but I've been doing functional training and full body exercises like deadlifts with overhead db presses and lunge kicks and burpees and twisting pushups for years now so it's not my hardest workout.

Bum bum literally kicks my bum bum (lol).
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I was able to do sculpt yesterday after taking Wed. off and it felt great. I also filmed one circuit of a new workout I'm posting on my workout site so I woke up feeling a bit sore today but nothing banishes sore muscles faster than more exercise.

Today I filmed the entire 600 rep workout that I'm posting on my fatloss workouts guide site next week then I took a short break and did the 30 min. bum bum workout plus about 30 min. of yoga stretches.

Tomorrow is sculpt plus abs and Sunday is bum bum again plus high and tight. This week's workouts involved longer booty workouts and less cardio but more sculpt and abs. It was a nice change from all the cardio and booty last week.

One of my favorite things about this program is that you're doing the same 5 workouts for 4 weeks but the schedule changes a lot from week to week so you don't get bored and you still feel like you're working on improving the same movement patterns.

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This is my last week on Brazil Butt Lift. It's been intense this past week since I've also been filming workouts for my own workout plan. Some days I was doing Brazil Butt Lift for an hour then later in the day my own workout for another 30 min.

After Sunday's workout my left ear became completely blocked and has been for two days now (very annoying). This probably has to do with that cold I had for two weeks and the fact that I was working out the entire time I had the cold.

I only did yoga yesterday hoping this would clear up but no luck with that so back to cardio axe and high and tight today. Hopefully all the bouncing around will finally clear out my sinuses. If not I'll be seeing a doctor I guess frown

Next week I'm starting my own workout plan! Excited about that but will miss BBL workouts.

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I only have 3 days of Brazil Butt Lift to go frown and this week was a real disappointment because I've had to cut back the intensity back even more due to my ear infection.

Went to the doctor 2 days ago and he said I have a blocked eustachian tube so my eardrum looked like it was going to burst. I lost hearing in my left ear Sunday night and my balance has been a bit off so better to scale back than fall down and injure myself.

I really loved Brazil but I was sick 3 out of the 4 weeks I did it so once I get well I would like to try it for another 4 weeks so I can really go all out during workouts.

Next week I'm starting my own workout plan. It is very much influenced by my 4 weeks on BBL but not at all the same.
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BTW, I forgot to mention that last week I felt that my booty looked bigger and rounder so I took a peek with a handheld mirror and I swear I looked like I had butt implant surgery. It was the weirdest thing.

I have a very rectangular shape with a tendency for flat butt round gut when I'm not careful with my diet and workouts so this was a bit shocking to see. Also my core is not as lean as I would like but it's more carved out like a guitar shape which is cool since that is not my body type.

But in clothes I still look the same as usual; straight up and down or as I like to say unspectacular but fit.

I will be taking some of the exercises I was doing on BBL and morphing them into more dynamic movement patterns for my new body type workout plan.
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