Posted By: Maria - Prime Time TV Making Your Own Sushi? - 11/19/12 02:01 AM
I LOVE sushi but it can get expensive so I only eat it occasionally. I've seen sushi making kits at various supermarkets but I'm not the creative type so I've stayed away.

Has anyone here tried to make their own sushi? If so, do you have any tips?
Posted By: Lori-Dreams Re: Making Your Own Sushi? - 11/19/12 02:22 AM
Yes, I make my own sushi all the time. The Japanese have turned sushi into an art and one cannot himself a true sushi chef without years and years of training.

The Japanese of different regions have their own slightly different versions as well as the Koreans.

The nigiri type, the small pieces topped with sliced fish, is easier to make. The cut rolls will require some rolling practice along with some special tools.

When it comes to homemade sushi, the cost is in the fresh, fresh, fresh fish! Although rice prices have gone up, the rice vinegar, salt and sugar are cheap. It's the type of fish you want to use that will cost you money. You must buy sushi-grade fish which means that the shipper understood that the fish will be eaten raw.

Here is a little primer:

Sushi Basics

Main Types of Sushi
Posted By: Maria - Prime Time TV Re: Making Your Own Sushi? - 11/19/12 02:29 AM
Thank you so much for the helpful information. I hadn't even thought about the nigiri sushi. I was immediately thinking about making the rolls. As far as the cost, I could even get by on some of the cooked-type rolls like California rolls, shirmp tempura, spicy crab etc.

One of the major grocery stores here is Publix and they have a full-time sushi chef on duty daily. It's one of my favorite things to stop in there and grab a roll or two for lunch!
Posted By: Lori-Dreams Re: Making Your Own Sushi? - 11/19/12 02:35 AM
Well, the simpler way besides nigiri is to make those hand rolls. Single serving hand rolls. Easy. And you can fill with all of your favs like shrimp tempura, spicy tuna or crab, cooked shrimp. Teriyaki chicken or beef strips. Radish sprouts, thinly cut cucumbers. There are all types of hand rolls!

Posted By: Carolyn Golden Re: Making Your Own Sushi? - 12/06/12 11:26 PM
I have made sushi many times. My problem was rolling the rolls tight enough, but after a while I got the hang of it. The other thing I noticed was that I ended up making WAY too much - and it isn't something you want to keep in the fridge for more than a day. So hand rolls are a great way to go as you can just buy a small piece or 2 of fish and then use the tips from Lori-Dreams - teriyaki, shrimp and veggies. Good luck!
Posted By: AKLisa- Knitting Editor Re: Making Your Own Sushi? - 04/15/14 02:32 AM
I found using one of those sushi rolling mats was the trick to getting a tight roll. They are pretty inexpensive at many Asian Markets, or as part of a kit.
I like the freedom to add whatever I want to my rolls when I make my own sushi.
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