Posted By: Lavender Girl Help for chlorine soaked skin! - 02/17/09 12:42 AM
Hi everyone! I recently started swimming 4 days a week for exercise. It is making my skin extra dry. I know I should use a moisturizer, but I can't use any oil of I will break out. Is there a certain way to take care of your skin (face) post swimming?
Posted By: Lady J Re: Help for chlorine soaked skin! - 02/17/09 02:49 AM
Always wash off with HOT water and soap after swimming. NEVER just leave it on. Also, use a moisturizing soap. For your hair, use a deep conditioning shampoo and conditioner. Get an excellent quality shampoo and conditioner, don't skimp, it won't help. Make sure the hair care doesnt' contain a lot of waxes which most OTC have. The last thing is get a great moisturizer. If you can't have oils, try natural butters and creams. Make sure they are water based as well.

Another thing to do is shower before you go in the water. I know it sounds crazy to get wet before you get wet, but this helps your skin with "good" water verses "bad" chlorinated water.

This is advice from someone who did competative swimming for nearly 8 years.
Posted By: nackblue Re: Help for chlorine soaked skin! - 02/21/09 08:19 AM
yeah, i gree with jase here ! i think it will be better solution ever.You should apply this one.
Posted By: Lavender Girl Re: Help for chlorine soaked skin! - 02/26/09 01:54 AM
I bought Paul Mitchell #3 Shampoo. It's supposed to be good for my hair. I will use a gentle cleanser on my face also so it doesn't dry out. Thanks for your help!
Posted By: SpiritualArtist Re: Help for chlorine soaked skin! - 02/26/09 02:26 AM
Swimming is an excellent form of exercise and to make a commitment of 4-days a weeks is admirable. Way to go Rebekah for getting and staying in the water. I used to swim in college every day, unfortunately the chlorine does dry you skin a bit (turned my blonde hair green too). I think you can get a special swimmer's lotion...the same company that makes swimmer's shampoo. I forget the name of the product. Sorry. But it removes the chlorine from your skin and is non-oily. I just got back into swimming myself after a 20 year absence. It's great!
Posted By: SpiritualArtist Re: Help for chlorine soaked skin! - 02/26/09 02:58 AM
I just remembered...It's called UltraSwim Lotion for the skin. They also sell shampoo and conditioners for your hair.
Posted By: Beauty B's Re: Help for chlorine soaked skin! - 03/10/09 06:49 PM
Arn't you supposed to shower before you get in the pool? I know my swimming pool, commuity pools and the ones in Iceland you have to bathe prior to entering the pool.

Jase thanks for the great tips!
Posted By: Rachel18 Re: Help for chlorine soaked skin! - 04/23/09 08:00 AM
Im a regular swimmer myself and I use Johnson&Johnson's baby Bath after every swim

for my hair I used any shampoo and then apply virgin coconut oil
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