Posted By: Jeanette - Editor Pore Minimizers - 11/11/14 04:07 PM
What are some of the best pore minimizer products out there? I have found the older i get the bigger my pores are standing out. I am trying 1 I found at Sally Beauty Supply. It is a primer/pore minimizer in one. It does an ok job but my skin is not as smooth looking with my foundation on as I would like it to be.
Posted By: Rosie52 Re: Pore Minimizers - 11/16/14 04:45 PM
I use NeriumAD! It has definitely minimized the size of my pores. Your welcome to check out pictures on my facebook page of some of my friends and colleages.
Posted By: mariechin1234 Re: Pore Minimizers - 01/02/15 10:50 PM
Apply green tea ice cubes daily.
Posted By: BellaOnline Re: Pore Minimizers - 01/26/21 11:57 PM
I find gently warming my skin with a warm face towel to open the pores, then gently cleaning them, and then gently closing them with a cool face towel, gets them about as small as they will go. It also keeps the skin clean and healthy.
Posted By: Krztypie Re: Pore Minimizers - 01/27/21 01:14 PM
Dr. Brandt Skincare Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer or Biore Charcoal Pore Minimizer
Posted By: RinaLovesBeauty Re: Pore Minimizers - 03/23/21 12:56 PM
Posted By: Krztypie Re: Pore Minimizers - 03/26/21 10:25 AM
[quote=mariechin1234]Apply green tea ice cubes daily.[/quote]

This actually works and lemon too. Also, there's a craze for rejuvenating sets. Apparently, they're good. Try searching for them on YT.
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