Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Childhood Obesity - 03/04/14 08:34 AM
Obesity in children is a special challenge because children, generally, cannot choose their own food. They eat what adults give them to eat. So if they're raised on a diet of cookies and soda, that's what they eat, and then they become obese. They're "helpless" and can rarely make other choices.

How can we help to reverse the trend of childhood obesity?
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Childhood Obesity - 03/05/14 10:59 PM
Arrest these parents and force-feed them at least once a day every single day (see what they do to the poor birds in factory farms), this is what people who do this to babies and children deserve. If that happens and it is not stopped then people will stop feeding unhealthy things to their kids so obesity in children will stop (i have a better chance waking up with DDs tomorrow morning than this happening...we cannot be mean to evil people so things like that wont stop from happening).
Posted By: CarlaCano-Walking Editor Re: Childhood Obesity - 03/08/14 11:36 PM
I think for most it is a lack of understanding and means. It should be more expensive to eat high processed, high sugar foods. If it was less expensive to eat healthy many people would make that choice. I think many young parents just haven't realized yet how terrible these foods are for their children, as they get older they will and then have to battle how to change those habits they instilled.

I think the first place to start is that a bag of raw apples shouldn't cost more than a large jar of applesauce. A happy meal shouldn't cost less than a healthy meal at home.

It is a societal issue that we will be dealing with for many years to come, unfortunately.
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Childhood Obesity - 03/09/14 01:52 AM
Unless you live somewhere where you have zero access to the internet (where ALL the informations is and where ALL the real news just have to look for it and you will find it) you cannot say that you have no idea what junk food does to your health. And saying that junk food and fast food cost less than healthier and healthy food is a lie. Even with little money you can buy food to make healthy meals at home but it takes time and effort plus you have to cook at home and this is something a lot of people do not want to do so they buy unhealthy food then just blame everything and everyone except for themselves.

My parents are horrible parents but they at least (1 of the RARE things they have done right as far as parenting goes) never gave me and my brother unhealthy foods and drinks, if they could do it in the last seventies and keep on do it with the character they have then everyone can (and they never were rich....they are very bad at budgeting and we always have had money troubles and yet they would find a way to provide healthy foods and drinks to both of us)!
Posted By: CarlaCano-Walking Editor Re: Childhood Obesity - 03/24/14 10:43 AM
I recently received a juicer as a gift. I have been making fresh juices for my grandson and he loves them. He also loves when I make green smoothies. I love to experiment and find new things that he enjoys. He is such a picky eater.

I think adding raw healthy foods is a great start way to your day, child or adult. There are so many choices out there if you can offer one that is delicious and healthy, I say kudos.

Have a great day!
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